KALA Network Review: Social media based on Web 3.0

KALA is a social media platform based on a blockchain.

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I am going to be direct. KALA is a social media platform based on a blockchain. This is the simplest form of defining KALA Network.

The complex description: KALA is Web 3.0 based social media platform, better described as a social-Fi or Social-DeFi.

What the above statement mean is, though KALA obviously relies on Internet service to function, its core data is encrypted into a blockchain. Instead of being the usual native social media platforms like Facebook or twitter, KALA's ownership is not linked to any one person or organisation. But yes, there is a CEO and a team of devs. Don't think about it too much.

KALA is maintained through a governing cryptocurrency token known as KALA Network Token [$KUDO / $KLNW].

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Photo Credit: KALA Network.

When creating an account on the KALA Network, you are required to connect through Binance Smart Chain Mainnet or BEP-20. But KALA token itself [$KLNW] was minted on the Solana Blockchain. Below is $KLNW contract address on the solana blockchain: ENGUzXs1xoYxHm3NtvZL26NLwAWr2zkswnTNevfEUYqp

When I asked why it was so in the KALA group chat on KALA, one of the devs replied that, in the future, KALA Network will operate on multiple blockchain networks.

According to coinstats, KALA's token isn't trading on any exchange as at the time this review was made.

The total supply of $KLNW is 1 Billion token.

Interestingly, unlike Uhive that destributes its HVE2 tokens to its members for their activities on the platform, KALA's $KUDO / $KLNW token is only given to users through their referral based system. Please note that, KALA is currently in testnet and reward system may change when it launches fully.

Since Uhive has been sighted in this discuss, let us go a bit further with the comparison. Uhive is currently available as an IOS or Android app, KALA is Web based [For now, pending its app launch]. You don't need to have any app installed to use KALA. Internet service and a Web browser is all you need.

KALA Network in detail.

KALA is a Social Media + Decentralised Finance platform [Social-Fi] giving users a one stop shop to all their Web 3.0 needs. From social interaction, to gaming, to trading, e.t.c, these and more through an encrypted blockchain technology is what you get on KALA Network.

KALA's cryptocurrency [$KUDO / $KLNW] will be used within the platform to purchase KALA's in-house NFTs. These NFTs can be used to increase a users earning rate of $KUDO / $KLNW. These NFTs are called pen and pencil NFTs.

Did I mention that KALA is currently in its public testnet?

Well yes, KALA though functioning almost flawlessly is not out of the testnet woods yet. The platform is currently undergoing tests and new features are being added daily.

Features of KALA.

  • Social-Fi: Because KALA is developed on a blockchain, users get rewarded for their activities on the KALA platforms.
  • Game-Fi: thanks to the built in GameFi elements on the KALA platform, users can earn more rewards through strategic use of the pencil/pen NFTs on the platform. Users who create posts with their pen/pencil NFTs will earn more $KUDO / $KLNW tokens.
  • Social Mining and Sharing: This feature allows users to generate hashrate based on their activities on the KALA Network. Activities like logging in, liking a post or comment and having active referrals will earn you $KUDO token which can be used to purchase a pencil NFT, which will enable you earn $KUDO token at a higher rate.

Our review of KALA Network

6 / 10Review score


  • Smooth UI
  • SocialFi and GameFi support.
  • Private messenger disappearing message support.
  • Post edit support
  • Group chat support


  • No support for conference call or broadcast
  • No call support for private messenger
  • Complex signup process


  • No support for conference call or broadcast: Since KALA is currently in its testnet phase, we will try to go easy on them. Currently the only issue I have on KALA is the absence of any form of live broadcast or conference call support. For a social media and a DeFi platform, that is certainly a feature that cannot be ignored.
  • No call support for private messenger: Though KALA supports private chat, this feature looks very much like a gimmick, an hi-hello if you may. No audio message support, no video or voice call support either.
  • Complex signup process: To users who are getting used to the idea of social media's exiting on a blockchain, creating an account on the KALA Network is going to be a tricky maze.

Remember KALA is very much a baby, the above missing features maybe added in the future.


  • Smooth UI: When you open KALA for the first time after signing up. You notice how fluid and easy the platform is to navigate, the UI makes it almost unbelievable that it is Web based.
  • SocialFi and GameFi support.
  • Private messenger disappearing message support.
  • Post edit support: You can edit your post even after posting.
  • Group chat support: You can create or join a group chat on KALA.

How to signup on KALA Network.

  • Download metamask or any other Decentralized cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Click on this link
  • Click on the "Connect" button on the top right.
  • Select "wallet connect", from the list of wallet options, then choose metamask.
  • Grant KALA Network access on metamask.
  • After a successful linkage, go back to your browser, click on 'sigup'.
  • Fill your email and complete your KALA profile setup.

✓ Done.

Added information.

You get 0.5 $KUDO when you use the above link to sign up on KALA Network.

What do you think about KALA Network? Is KALA a welcome addition to the DeFi world or just another social media platform?

Whatever your thoughts are, please let us know in the comment section or tweet us @Allroundreview1. Don't forget to drop a follow on us at .KALA. We are following our first 100 followers back, spread the word.


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