Coinstats: Crypto tracker and an all-in-one portfolio.

Coincalc is a feature I have only seen on coinstats, nowhere else.

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Credits: Coinstats, zesushv

There are a lot of cryptocurrency market monitoring apps on the web and app stores. Today, we will be taking a close look at Coinstats.

Coinstats has a unique UI, simple interface, and friendly colors. Going deeper, you will find that, Coinstats offers features other crypto trackers can only dream of.

Coinstats Review.

Coinstats is a cryptocurrency stats, real-time market aggregating, and cryptocurrency data compiling platform.

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Do you need to find a particular cryptocurrency or what the cryptocurrency is up to (News about the coin/token)? Coinstats got you covered. Wondering how much the cryptocurrency market is worth? No need to wonder, coinstats has that covered.

Features of Coinstats.

  • Coins - all cryptocurrency listing.
  • Favourite - your selected cryptos.
  • 24hour report - CryptoCurrency 24hour data and stats.
  • Exchanges - Top trading exchanges.
  • Portfolio - Connected exchanges coins/tokens real time market value.
  • Wallet - your cryptocurrency holdings on coinstats.
  • Alerts - notifications Configuration.
  • Converter - CryptoCurrency valuer.
  • Coincalc - CryptoCurrency return/loss estimator.


Coincalc is a feature I have only seen on coinstats, nowhere else. This feature allows you properly estimate your returns or loss if you invest a specific amount in a cryptocurrency, and that specific cryptocurrency hits a certain price per coin.

For illustration purposes, I used xrp coin to calculate my reward if invested $50 now and xrp hits $1 per coin in the future.

You can access Coincalc by following the screenshot below.


Like other crypto managing portfolios, coinstats also require an API from your exchange or wallet to adequately monitor your crypto assets.

This process is a bit complex and not everyone is confident it is safe.


  • Though coinstats has an ads system, the ads display mechanism is so minimal and non-intrusive that it feels like the ad is an actual feature instead of a menace.
  • The coinstats app on android is very responsive and takes very little time to load.
  • The app does not require unnecessary permission access.
  • The app also has an amazing 4.8 rating on the Google Play Store.

Our review of Coinstats

8.5 / 10Review score


  • Simple UI


  • Complex portfolio API

Added Information.

Coinstats has an in-app purchase for its pro version that provides more features and no ads. This purchase is segmented into monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Please Note: Though coinstats under their referral program promise to give the invitee and the invited pro features for 3 months, this promise sadly is not fulfilled.


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