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AllRoundReview was founded with a singular vision: to deliver high-quality written and video content tailored for the tech-savvy audience. Our dedication and the collective endeavor of our skilled team have not wavered, reinforcing AllRoundReview as your premier destination for comprehensive All Round Reviews.

Boasting a diverse and passionate team of writers, top-notch YouTube content creators, a seasoned Software Engineer, and many more incredible contributors, AllRoundReview stands as a beacon for tech enthusiasts. Dive into our exhaustive reviews, explore detailed YouTube content, and catch up on the latest tech rumors – we have it all covered!

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There's no better feeling than when you find a piece of technology that can save you time and energy. That's why I have a deep passion for all things tech. My background is in journalism, and I am still contributing my quota to the mainstream media. Presently, I focus more on writing about Tech, Health, and Internet Marketing topics.

I'm a tech Blogger and YouTuber. I've been writing tech contents on the Internet for the last 4 years

Hello, I'm Pascaline, alias Irukalynne. I love to watch the sunset and take strolls on the beach. I love to go out to fancy dinners surrounded by flowers and... Just kidding! I like to think that I am a strong-willed, easy-going, beautiful writer; at least I have been complimented so. I hope that I can get to make enough impact on mankind before I wheeze out.

Hi, I'm Oluwatomisin. I wrote the new source code for Tesla self driving cars and calculated the trajectory for SpaceX rovers in mars, also I erm... Oh sorry, I was introducing the future me. I'm currently an Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with a touch of Automation. A freak of everything TECH. I write, I code (a little) and I plan to someday write a computer program that'd make the world a better place.

I am a Tech Writer/YouTuber with a focus on smartphones. I have dedicated the last four years to demystifying smartphone tech for all and sundry.

Hi. My name is Atilola, I'm a copywriter and content creator. I've been actively involved in copywriting for about a year now. I'm a nursing student at Global Wealth University. I'm always willing to learn and improve.