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All Round Review was created for one purpose only. To bring quality written and video content to the general tech populace. This goal has not changed nor has the commitment of the great minds behind this Media Authority wavered in their pursuit of being the best place for comprehensive All Round Review.

With an amazing team that consists of enthusiastic writers, superb YouTube content creators, a Software Engineer and a host of other amazing contributors. All Round Review is the best place for all things tech; from comprehensive reviews, amazing detailed YouTube content, to juicy rumours. We got you covered.

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There's no better feeling than when you find a piece of technology that can save you time and energy. That's why I have a deep passion for all things tech. My background is in journalism, and I am still contributing my quota to the mainstream media. Presently, I focus more on writing about Tech, Health, and Internet Marketing topics.

Senior advertiser, Referral Programmer. Writer, editor and Co-Founder @Allroundreview1, Founder and Ceo @lordofreferrals.

Hello, I'm Pascaline, alias Irukalynne. I love to watch the sunset and take strolls on the beach. I love to go out to fancy dinners surrounded by flowers and... Just kidding! I like to think that I am a strong-willed, easy-going, beautiful writer; at least I have been complimented so. I hope that I can get to make enough impact on mankind before I wheeze out.

Tech is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Hey, welcome to my world. Let's explore the tech world together and don't forget to DRINK WATER🙂

Hi, I'm Idayah, I am quite enthusiastic about writing. I also love reading and trying out new recipes, I love baking. When I am not writing, I love spending my leisure time with family, I hope to travel around the world with them someday. Happy reading😀

Hi. My name is Atilola, I'm a copywriter and content creator. I've been actively involved in copywriting for about a year now. I'm a nursing student at Global Wealth University. I'm always willing to learn and improve.

Hi, I'm Oluwatomisin. I wrote the new source code for Tesla self driving cars and calculated the trajectory for SpaceX rovers in mars, also I erm... Oh sorry, I was introducing the future me. I'm currently an Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with a touch of Automation. A freak of everything TECH. I write, I code (a little) and I plan to someday write a computer program that'd make the world a better place.

Hi, there! I'm Abdullahi, a writer and researcher passionate about blockchain and technology. With a background in computer science, my goal is to demystify complex concepts and provide insight into the latest developments in these rapidly evolving fields.