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pressure on Twitter, but competition however should be encouraged. Uhive is the new kid on the social block, a social universe an alternate twitter

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Uhive is a social universe [or what the minds behind Uhive want it to be] media platform that borrowed most of its features from Twitter and Instagram but mainly Twitter. Hence our deduction of Uhive social universe being an alternate Twitter. In recent weeks we have seen a turn of events due to WhatsApp informing the general public of a new privacy policy that will be implemented come February 8, 2021. This was proposed to see users' data migrated from WhatsApp to Facebook vice versa which led to the discovery of other alternatives to the famous Whatsapp.

While there might not be any pressure on Twitter, competition however should be encouraged. Uhive is the new kid on the social block, a social universe an alternate Twitter if you like. The funny thing about this whole Uhive euphoria is; I found the discussion of Uhive on Twitter. How sick is that? A direct competitor is given a level playing field by its competition.

Generally speaking, Uhive wants to give users an opportunity to be themselves online.

No spy, no strings attached. In fact, Uhive Universe promises to have a blockchain currency of its own that pays users for every activity they participate in on the app.

The currency on Uhive Universe is represented as Ʉ, and can be earned through the referring of friends via a unique link to join Uhive, creating a post that attracts likes and views, and so much more.

Uhive Universe is going to be the bane of Twitter as Uhive has the basic features lacking on Twitter and has an interface that is easy to navigate even with the numerous features Uhive has loaded in its system.

We don't want to bore you with every feature explanation, but we will try to list them as much as possible.


  • Uhive currency.
  • Badges.
  • Verified account distinguishing.
  • Option to create more than one profile.
  • Option to follow different interests with different profiles.
  • Supports more than 160words on the post.
  • You can streamline what is relevant to you.
  • Option to dislike the post.
  • Option to like post up to 5 times.

Let's talk about the three most interesting features on the list, which are: UHIVE CURRENCY, LIKES, and DISLIKE.

Uhive social universe currency (9Tokens)

Uhive is a social media platform aiming to be a world of its own having the option to purchase items on the platforms. But it doesn't stop there, in other to have this trading ability. Uhive has its own currency Ʉ that you can earn from performing tasks on the app. These currencies are stored on a section of your profile called "My wallet". Ʉ is not a redundant digital currency as you can withdraw it to an ETH wallet of your choosing [I am yet to try this. But if you do, let us know if it was successful in the comment section below]. You can also purchase Ʉ token with an external currency like BTC and other digital currency if you so, please.


On Uhive, like is represented by a love icon which is there to indicate your preference on a post. But it doesn't stop there, as Uhive gives you the option to show you really! really!! really!!! really!!!! really!!!!! Like the post by allowing you to like it 5 whole times. This is not only huge but also very interesting. You totally have a country over how you choose to perceive a post; if it's an "okay" feeling just like if it's a "wow" feeling maybe 2, but when it's an "amazing" expression; that is definitely a 5 like clicks.



Okay nobody wants to really see this on their post, but you would agree it's a nice feature to have. Unlike the 5 likes feature, the thumbs down on Uhive is clickable once. No more. But when you click the thumbs down in a post you previously liked 5 times, the post loses your 5 likes; so yes, it's not reduced to 4 likes.

We will try and give a more robust review from next month when we will have had full coverage of this interesting app.

Want to give Uhive a try? Click on the button below to get a taste of a new digital world. Also, use this CODE: N9R859 to get a 25% reduced cost on all purchases.


Uhive is gifting its first 100,000. users free Uhive tokens to kick start their journey on the Uhive platform. So hurry up and join Uhive via the link provided above.

Important note:

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Until the next one, God bless you. God bless our innovative minds.


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