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How to buy Smartphone Chargers in Nigeria

Is your old charger out of commission and you need to buy one? Join me as we look at the steps on how to buy a smartphone charger in Nigeria.

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A smartphone charger, often overlooked but very important, is probably the most important smartphone accessory that you should own. Without one, your smartphone is going to become useless when it runs down. In this article, we're going to be exploring the topic of How to buy Smartphone Chargers in Nigeria.

Simply put, a smartphone charger is a device that recharges your smartphone’s battery when it is down. Without a charger, you would not be able to recharge your phone and get it working again. This is why a charger is very important. It is also pertinent to note that smartphone chargers are not exclusively used for charging phones alone, they're used for charging and powering a whole host of other gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers, ring lights, smart watches, fitness bands, TWS Earbuds, power banks, etc.

This and many more reasons are why smartphone chargers are a necessity to own. Failing to own one will put you at the mercy of others. I'm sure you'll agree that it's not fun to have to borrow chargers every time you need to charge your device.

So if you agree, let's continue…

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How to buy Smartphone Chargers in Nigeria

So if you don't have a charger, maybe it went bad or missing, you're going to need a new one. What you should not do like most people is to walk out into the street and buy the very first thing that you see. This is literally a lottery and more often than not, you might end up with a charger that is a fake clone or simply inadequate for your needs.

To make it easy, I have assigned the things that you need to do in the following steps:

Step 1: Do Some Research

You should first find out the type of charging speed that your smartphone supports. This will be the biggest clue to telling you the type of charger that you need to buy. If your phone supports 10W charging speed, then you should simply buy a 10W charger. If your phone supports anything over 10W, such as 15 to 18W of fast charging speeds, then you should simply get an 18W charger. This author uses a phone that supports 67W of fast charge so it's very likely that he will buy a charger that provides this charging speed.

Step 2: Learn How To Read A Smartphone Charger’s Output

Too many people do not know how to read charger output and they rely on sellers to do this for them. This is very risky as a lot of these people are unscrupulous and will lie to you just to make a sale. So take the bull by the horns and learn how to read charger output.

To do this, pick up the charger and locate the specs written on its body. You'll find a spec category called Output. The output tells you the speed of the charger and it is divided into 2 metrics: voltage (V) and ampere (A) e.g. Output: 5V-2A. To calculate the power of the charger in Watts (W) we will multiply V by A to get W (i.e. V × A = W).

This means that if you see a charger with an output of 5V and 2A, it is a 10W charger because 5×2 = 10. A charger with an output of 6V and 3A is an 18W charger. It is very straightforward.

Step 3: Take Note Of Charging Technologies

Whilst most smartphones will support most chargers out there, some smartphones use proprietary charging technology that is not compatible with other chargers. What this means is that you must buy chargers and USB cables from the company that made the phone to get the peak fast charge speeds. For example, most Xiaomi phones that support 33W MI Turbo charge will only do so with a Xiaomi charger and USB cables. If you use a third-party charger, the best you may get is 18W charge speed.

Also, note that the processor on your phone also goes a long way in determining the type of fast charge technology that your phone supports. All phones with Snapdragon chargers support Qualcomm's Quick Charge. MediaTek phones support MTN pump Charge.

Step 4: Buy From Reputable Brands

It is important to only buy from reputable brands. This will guarantee that you're buying an original charger and not a fake clone. Buy from brands like Anker, Aukey, Baseus, Celbro, Oraimo, New Age, etc. Be very selective of where you buy your electronics and make sure that they only stock original products. This should not only ensure that you don't waste your money but should also safeguard your phone as a bad charger could destroy your phone's battery or the phone itself.


So that's how this author has been purchasing chargers for the last 8 years at least and it has never failed him. All you have to do is know if your phone supports fast charging and the fast charge speed that it supports. After you do this, then buy a charger that corresponds with the said charging speed and live happily after. Make sure to buy only reputable brands from trustworthy sellers or outlets (stores).

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