Tecno Spark 20 Pro vs Tecno Camon 20 Pro - The Truth

tecno spark 10 pro vs tecno camon 20 pro

Which phone is the best for you, the Tecno Spark 20 Pro or Camon 20 Pro? Now, both phones share many similarities, and in some aspects, you will think the Spark 20 Pro is a regen of the Camon 20 Pro. The MediaTek Helio G99 powers them with 8GB RAM that can be increased to 16 using memory fusion. They both have good cameras, and on paper, the Spark 20 Pro has a 108MP primary camera, while we have a 64MP sensor on the Camon 20 Pro. In this comparison, we are going through all that and more, and by the end, you should be able to make a choice. Let’s quickly start with the design.

Tecno Spark 20 Pro vs Tecno Camon 20 Pro - All Aspect Comparison

Tecno Spark 20 Pro

Our review of Tecno Spark 20 Pro

8 / 10Review score


  • Large 5000mAh Battery
  • Decent Performance
  • Good Cameras


  • IPS LCD Display
Tecno Camon 20 Pro

Our review of Tecno Camon 20 Pro

8 / 10Review score


  • AMOLED Display
  • Good Performance
  • Great Cameras


  • No IP Rating

Design Aspect

camon x spark

Both phones are made of plastic at the back, and the Spark 20 Pro looks like an iPhone from the back. Every phone nowadays looks like that, and it’s getting boring. I have the moonlit black color option here, and it’s pretty slippery in the hand. It is also prone to fingerprint stains. The Camon 20 has a unique design, and my predawn black color shines depending on how light hits it. There is a blue variant that has a leather finish, and I think you will prefer that. You get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner on the Spark 20 Pro, while the Camon gives you an under-display scanner. let me know in the comment what you prefer. They have 3 cameras, and the Spark 20 Pro has a more significant camera bump. The cameras at the back of the Camon 20 Pro are housed in two circled rings. The upper one is the primary camera. I love the ring light style of the LED flashlight on the Camon 20 Pro. It shines brighter. The Spark 20 Pro is slightly heavier than the Camon 20 Pro because of the difference in size. They charge through a USB C port with two speakers and a headphone jack. In terms of sound, I won’t pick one over the other. Both phones have a flat design at the front and back. But the Camon 20 Pro is more comfortable to hold in the hand because it’s a bit smaller. Regarding design and build quality, both phones are solid, but I will go with the Camon 20 Pro because its kinda refreshing because almost all phones look like the Spark 20 nowadays.

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Display Aspect

Flipping up front, we have a 6.6-inch display on the Camon and a 6.7-inch display on the Spark. The Spark 20 Pro has an IPS LCD display, while we have an AMOLED display on the Camon 20 Pro. We all know that AMOLED displays are always better. They both have a 120Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution. The Camon 20 has a more symmetrical bezel around the display, and you can notice the sizeable chin at the bottom of the Spark 20 Pro display. The punch hole cut out on the Camon 20 Pro is also smaller than what we have on the Spark 20 Pro. The refresh rate makes scrolling better on both phones, and you get the option in the display setting on both phones to switch to either auto-refresh, 90Hz, or the standard 60Hz. Regarding consuming media, the Camon pops more, and you also get the double tap to wake feature on both phones. Always on Display is available on the Camon, but you don’t get that on the Spark. In the settings of both phones, you also get color style or temperature. Outdoors, of course, the display of the Camon 20 Pro is more visible. In terms of display, the Camon 20 is simply ahead. Now it’s two for the Camon 20 and nothing yet for the Spark 20 Pro.

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Camera Aspect Comparison - Tecno Spark 20 Pro vs Tecno Camon 20 Pro

Let's talk about cameras because it is one of the most exciting parts. They both have three cameras, with the Spark 20 Pro boasting a 108MP primary camera and the Camon 20 Pro having a 64MP primary camera. We are focused on the primary camera because the remaining lenses at the back aren’t quite hitting home. The Camon Series is where Tecno focuses on Camera optimization and power, but where does it stand since the Spark 20 Pro has a significant camera boost? I snapped some pictures with both phones, and here is my opinion. They snap outstanding pictures, but the larger 108MP sensor on the Spark 20 Pro gives you a wider shot. This is the first time a Tecno Spark phone is coming close to a Camon phone. you can depend on any phone to get good images, but the Spark 20 Pro is slightly ahead, so it’s getting a point. They both have a 32MP selfie camera and here are some pictures from the front-facing camera. Both phones can record 2K video at 30fps.

Performance & Software

They are both running on Android 13, and HiOS 13.5 is the interface on the Spark 20 Pro, and we have HiOs 13.0 on the Camon 20 Pro. I didn’t see any difference in terms of user experience. The app layout is the same, and you get the same level of customization in the settings. They both have a floating window with the same amount of bloatware. Both phones are powered by the MediaTek Helio G99, which is a 6-nanometer processor, and they both have 8GB of RAM that can be expanded to 16 using memory fusion. The storage space is also 256GB, which is sufficient. You also get to expand the storage space on the phones by up to 1TB if you like. In terms of performance, I can't pick one over the other; they can run demanding games equally. They are also relatively fast, as expected, on a phone that comes in their price category. Performance and software are a tie, and I can’t wait to use a Tecno phone running on Android 14 to see some major changes.

 Battery Aspect & Charging Speed

Both phones have a 5000mAh battery and support 33 watts fast charging. Battery life has been similar on both phones, and you should expect between 7 to 8 hrs of screen time under heavy usage. The charging time for both phones, from zero to a hundred, is slightly over an hour. The battery aspect is a tie.


Rounding up, the phones have almost similar features, and no matter which one you go with, you will be fine. If you want a better design and display, the Camon 20 is ahead, but every other is similar. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.


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