Samsung Galaxy A05 vs Tecno Spark 20 - The Right Choice

samsung galaxy a05 vs tecno spark 20

Most people will say Tecno and Samsung shouldn’t come on the same topic; Samsung is better. While to some extent that may be true, Samsung is the more prominent brand; what about budget and entry-level? Is the Samsung Galaxy A05 better than the Tecno Spark 20? In this video, we will be comparing them side by side, and by the end, you will either save money to buy the Samsung Galaxy A05 or Spend a bit more for the Tecno Spark 20.

Samsung Galaxy A05 vs Tecno Spark 20 - Which is the Best?

Samsung Galaxy A05

Our review of Samsung Galaxy A05

7 / 10Review score


  • Great Software
  • Good Display Quality
  • Fast Charging & Good Battery Life


  • No Fingerprint sensor
Tecno Spark 20

Our review of Tecno Spark 20

8 / 10Review score


  • Good Build Quality
  • Decent Camera
  • Great Battery Life


  • Poor Software Optimization
  • Selife Camera could be better

Samsung Galaxy A05 Review

Tecno Spark 20 Review

Unboxing Experience

To begin lets quickly glance through the box of both phones. With the Tecno Spark 20, you are getting the complete accessories in the box, including an 18-watt charging brick, a USB C Cable, a TPU case, and a Sim Ejector tool. You only get a USB C cable and some paper works in the Box of the Galaxy A05. The Galaxy A05 cost about 95,000 naira which is around $100 while you have to pay 105,000 naira for the base model of the Spark 20. With the prices now clear I am sure most of you will be like why this should even be a comparison? The more expensive one should be better right technically you will be right but there are some areas where the Samsung Galaxy A05 has an edge.

Design Aspect

In terms of design, they both are made of plastic, and the Galaxy A05 has a glossy finish that is prone to stains, while we have a matte finish on the Spark 20. The frame on both phones is also plastic. The Samsung Galaxy A05 has a unique design, and it looks like an even more expensive Samsung phone. With just a glance, you might think it’s an expensive phone, and thanks to Samsung for making all their phones look the same. The Spark 20, on the other hand, looks like an iPhone 15 Pro max which is something others might not necessarily like. Which design do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section. They both charge through a USB Port and come with a headphone port. The Tecno Spark 20 has two speakers, one at the top and another at the bottom, making it sound better than the Samsung Galaxy A05. That comes with a single down-firing speaker. They both have the unlock key on the right side of the frame, and the unlock key doubles as the fingerprint scanner on the Spark 20. The Galaxy A05 dosen’t have a fingerprint scanner. I also find the buttons on the Tecno Spark 20 to be a bit more tactile. They both dual support 4G SIM cards with a slot for memory expansion. Regarding build quality, the Tecno Spark 20 feels more compact, but that does not mean the Samsung A05 is not sturdy. The overall design goes to the Galaxy A05 because it looks different.

Display Aspect Galaxy A05 vs Spark 20

Both phones have a large display, and the Spark 20 comes in at 6.6 inches while the Galaxy A05 comes in at 6.7 inches. It is slightly taller. They both have a 720p resolution but the Spark 20 has a 90Hz refresh rate and we have the standard 60Hz refresh rate on the Samsung A05. Both displays are LCD and we have an Infinity U cut out on the Galaxy A05 and a punch hole cut out on the Tecno Spark 20. It looks better and the bezels around the Spark 20 are also slimmer. The display of the Tecno Spark 20 certainly looks better than that of the Galaxy A05 with a glance. Scrolling through both displays the Spark 20 feels better and faster because of the high refresh rate. Under direct sunlight, you won’t be able to separate both phones. They are both bright. Both displays are responsive to touch and because of how it looks and the higher refresh rate.

Software & Performance

Software is an aspect where Samsung thrives, both phones are running on Android 13 and One UI 5 core edition is the interface on the Samsung and we have the HiOs version 13.5 on the Spark 20. You will get at least 2 years software upgrade on the Samsung Galaxy A05, but nothing is guaranteed on the Tecno. The One UI looks cleaner and better, and I was also surprised that you are not getting any ads on the Tecno Spark 20. Both phones come with preinstalled apps from Google, and you can do almost the same level of customization. Wallpaper theming, however, is only available on the Galaxy A05.

Something they both have in common is the chipset powering them. They are both powered by the Mediatek Helio G85 with 4GB RAM on the base model of each device. You get 128GB storage space on the tecno and 64GB storage space on the Samsung. Performance feels a bit smoother on the spark 20. Multitasking is also great there but only the Galaxy A05 has split screen support. You can play games at minimal settings on both phones but none of them is a gaming phone.

Camera Comparison

They both have a 50MP primary camera and a secondary lens for depth sensing at the back. upfront, the Spark 20 has a 32MP lens, while we have an 8MP lens at the back of the Samsung Galaxy A05s. Below are some images from both phones let us know which one you think is better in the comment section.

Battery Aspect

Both phones have a 5000mAh battery and they can last a whole day on a single charge. The Galaxy A05 has faster charging because it supports 25 watts of fast charging, while the Tecno Spark 20 supports only 18 watts. in terms of battery, you get over six hours of battery on both phones under heavy usage, but because of the faster charging speed of the Samsung A05, I am giving it this aspect.


Rounding up, I am going with the Tecno Spark 20 because it is a more complete phone. The Samsung Galaxy A05 is not bad but it lacks some features that I feel are required on a phone. That’s it for this one and feel free to comment any questions you have.


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