PUBG Mobile Update Bringing 120fps Mode

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Krafton, the creators of PUBG Mobile, have exciting news for gamers worldwide: a 120fps mode is on the horizon! In the upcoming version 3.2 update, players can expect smoother and more responsive gameplay.

For a more seamless experience, PUBG Mobile previously allowed for a maximum frame rate of 90. They're now moving it up to 120 frames per second. It's a positive development, even though there's no official word yet on whether this functionality will work with iOS and Android smartphones.

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The 120fps mode will likely shine on high-end and upper mid-range smartphones, given its demanding nature. Entry-level devices may struggle to keep up, especially with higher graphics settings. Most entry-level devices also lack support for 90fps.

This news isn't limited to PUBG Mobile alone; BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), the Indian version, is also set to receive the 120fps treatment, bringing it in line with the global version.

Currently undergoing beta testing, some lucky testers are already experiencing the 120fps mode firsthand. However, they've noted warnings about potential heating issues and increased battery consumption, typical of higher performance modes.

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For the 120fps mode to truly shine, smartphone manufacturers need to optimize their devices accordingly. Flagship smartphones boasting powerful processors like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 are expected to handle the mode seamlessly. Similarly, iPhones equipped with 120Hz displays are likely to support the new mode.

This news comes soon after the PUBG Mobile version 3.1 release, which unveiled a ton of new and interesting features. Among these, the recently added "Skyhigh Spectacle" themed mode offers uncommon means of transportation and tactical items situated in the skies.

Moreover, the "Home" gameplay mode lets players customize and build their own homes, fostering social interaction by allowing them to explore others' homes and partake in various activities. Updates to maps like Miramar, WOW gameplay, and Metro Royale bring fresh elements like urban areas, creative possibilities, and firearm attachments, enriching the gaming experience for all.

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