Oraimo SpacePods Review - What Did Burna Boy & Oraimo Cook?

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Oraimo and Burna Boy have collaborated for a while, and they just announced the SpacePods. It is a special edition earbud from Oraimo, and Burna Boy tuned the sound. The design is unique, and it looks like the moon's surface. In this review, we are taking a closer look at the earbud and comparing it with the Freepods 4 since they look similar. It comes in at around 40,000 naira, and it might be overpriced for that amount. Let’s dive deep and share more details about the buds.

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Oraimo SpacePods Unboxing

·        The Earbud

·        USB C Cable

·        User Manual

·        Extra Ear tips

Oraimo SpacePods

Our review of Oraimo SpacePods

7 / 10Review score


  • Good Active Noise Cancellation
  • Great Battery Life
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • WaterProof Rating


  • Minimal Difference with Oraimo FreePod 4

Oraimo SpacePods Review – Everything You Need to Know

The SpacePods come in two variants, and there's a special Moonlight edition priced at ₦200,000. The Moonlight variant doesn't differ from the regular SpacePods regarding specifications and features. However, it has an LED light that activates when you slide open the cover. When you purchase the Moonlight version, you also receive a carry case.

Oraimo produced only 20 of these limited Moonlight variants. In terms of design, it closely resembles the Freepods 4, featuring a stem-style earbud. The primary distinction is the color, with the Moonlight version bearing Burna Boy's signature on the buds and Oraimo branding on the side. These earbuds are lightweight, weighing only 10 grams, and provide a comfortable fit, especially when using the right ear tips.

The buds are constructed from plastic but have a premium matte finish that isn't glossy, making it resistant to stains. The rough texture on the carry case mimics the moon's surface, setting it apart from the Freepods 4. Charging is done through a USB port, and there are LED lights on the case and buds to indicate charging and pairing. If you have the Freepods 4 charging case, you can use it to charge the Oraimo SpacePods. Additionally,  the buds have an IPX4 water resistance rating, which is decent for protection against water and sweat.

Sound Quality of the Oraimo SpacePods

When considering earbuds, looks are one thing, but sound quality is crucial. So, how does the SpacePod perform in terms of sound? Well, it's equipped with a 10mm driver that Burna Boy personally tuned. When you listen to Burna Boy's songs with these earbuds, you'll truly appreciate the impact of his work. This is an area where the SpacePod stands out from the FreePods 4. Burna Boy's EQ tuning emphasizes vocals with a rich bass, although you can adjust this using the Oraimo sound app if desired. The earbuds deliver excellent sound quality with a well-defined sound stage.

For calls, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the experience. The SpacePods boast four microphones, ensuring that your voice comes through loud and clear, even in noisy environments like a bustling street. The earbuds feature both active noise cancellation (ANC) and a transparency mode, and they function in the same manner as the FreePods 4; there's no significant difference here.

One charming detail is the Burna Boy voice prompts when you connect the earbuds, which may remind you of the 2 Baba Edition Oraimo FreePods 2. In summary, the SpacePods offer impressive sound quality, making them a noteworthy choice.

Battery Life of the Oraimo SpacePods

In terms of battery, you are getting close to 9 hours of battery life from the buds with ANC. There are expensive earbuds out there that don’t have close to this battery life. If you combine the case and earbuds, you will get up to 35 hours of listening time. The buds have 60mAh, and the charging case has a 550mAh battery. When you turn on active noise cancellation, you will get 7 hours of battery terms of battery, I don’t think it will be a problem. It is one of the best features of the device.

Bluetooth & Connectivity

The SpacePods comes with Bluetooth 5.2, and it stays connected even when you are 10 meters away from your phone. It connects with any phone quickly, and you can also connect it to iPhones. There is an inbuilt  “find my device" feature in the earbuds and you can make them ring when they are missing. The moment you open up the case, you also get that Google pop-up notification. It comes with AAC and SBC codecs, and you won’t have issues with your phone. I just wish they gave us at least an aptX codec on this one. The connection is stable, and it performs similarly with the Freepods 4. The latency is low and it's in sync when you are streaming or watching content online. There is also a gaming mode that reduces the latency even further to match the quick action in games.

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Rounding Up

Should you buy the Oraimo SpacePods? Yes, but if you have the Freepods 4, then it's not worth buying. They have the same features and are only differentiated by the Sound. Overall, I prefer how it looks and feels in the hand, but I wish Oraimo had given us some features that separated it from the Freepods 4. There is a case that you can buy from the Oraimo website, and it fits on the FreePods 4 as well. That’s all for this, and if you have any questions, kindly ask in the comment section.


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