Oraimo FreePods 4 Review - All You Need to Know

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The Oraimo FreePods 4 is one of the best affordable earbuds with active noise cancellation. It delivers high-quality sound, good battery life, and a carry case that I love to fidget with. The Oraimo Freepods 3 were popular because they were affordable and had incredible sound quality. The Freepods 4 are the upgrade, but can they live up to expectations? In this article, we will share everything you need to know about the free pods 4. Nothing will be left out; both the good and bad will be discussed.

Oraimo FreePods 4 Unboxing

  • Oraimo Freepods 4
  • Eartips
  • USB C Cable
  • Documentation

Oraimo FreePods 4 Review

Oraimo Freepods 4

Our review of Oraimo Freepods 4

8 / 10Review score


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Impressive Design
  • Companion App
  • Fast Charging and Good Battery Life
  • Active Noise Cancelation


  • Touch Controls are Easy to Trigger
  • Transperency Mode isnt the Best
  • Call Quality Can be Affected Depending on Enviroment

Oraimo FreePods 4 Sound Quality

I always kick off any earbud review by talking about the sound quality. It is the most crucial aspect of the buds, and it is more important than the design. The FreePods 4 has a 13mm dynamic driver that delivers excellent and balanced sound no matter the music category you are listening to. There are three different sound modes you can select based on your preference or location at a time.

If you go for the normal mode, it is balanced and natural, which suits any music you listen to. If you want more punch and depth, as most of us do, the bass boost will be your favorite. The clear voice mode focuses on the vocals and makes them more present. There is a clear emphasis on bass here, and even though it punches pretty hard, the vocals don’t get muffled while you are listening. The earbud has active noise cancellation that works so well. It has a voice assistant feature that lets you access your phone’s assistant, like Google or Siri. You can also customize it using the companion app.

And it also has a transparency mode that isn’t as good as the ANC mode. It keeps you aware of your environment regardless. There are four mics for calls, and the buds do exceptionally well with calls no matter where you are. It also has Environmental Noise cancellation for better calls in a noisy environment. The only problem is that the call can be affected in a windy environment or excess traffic. In terms of sound quality, it is on the same level as the Airpods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro.

Oraimo FreePods 4 Review – Design, Build Quality, and Fit

The Oraimo Freepods 4 come in a circular charging case that you have to slide up to access the buds. I always slid it up constantly because of how smooth and easy it is to open. It is a breath of fresh air considering the fact that we are used to the traditional lid opening design. There is an LED indicator and USB-C charging port at the back of the case. The case is easy to carry around because it’s not heavy. It feels big sometimes, and when it’s in your pocket, you will know it’s there.

When you slide it open you will have access to a two-tone earbud with black and white color. It has a minimalistic design that resembles the Airpods slightly. There is a subtle Oraimo logo on the side of both buds. It fit snuggly in your ear, but I had to change the ear tips to the smallest size before I could get a good fit. There are times when it drifts out of my ear when I move my head or listen to a bass-heavy song. Try the different ear tips in the box when you get the buds. They have touch control on the stem, and you can use it to play or pause music, pick calls, adjust volume, and switch between the different listening modes. You can accidentally trigger the touch when adjusting the buds in your ear. It is responsive to touch and only takes a few seconds to respond.

It has an IPX5 rating making the buds resistant to water splashes and sweat. You can use them for workouts and other activities outdoors.

Battery Life

The Oraimo FreePods 4 has a good battery life, lasting up to 6 hours depending on the listening mode. With ANC turned on, you can get up to 4 hours of continuous playtime at max volume. The charging case provides an additional 18 hours of listening time, and if you combine both, you will get 24 hours of listening time. The buds also support fast charging, and with 10 minute charge, you will get 1 hour is listening time. The battery life of the carry case can be impacted by temperature and humidity. It has a feature that plays or pauses music when you take it in and out of your ears. This also plays a role in preserving the battery. The battery life of the earbud is impressive, and it is one of the best features of the buds.


The earbud is using Bluetooth 5.0, and connectivity is seamless and stable. It has low latency that reduces lag when playing games or video content. You can also connect them to multiple devices simultaneously and switch them easily. It supports Google's fast pairing feature and connects as soon as you open them near your device. The earbud has a wireless range of 10 meters without any obstacles. There is a unique gaming mode that improves latency while you are gaming. You can also use the gaming mode for a better experience while watching videos or listening to music. 

Oraimo Sound App Review

The Oraimo Sound App can be used to update the firmware of the earbud. You can also use it to customize touch controls and select listening modes. The app also lets you customize your listening experience or select the prebuilt templates in the app. If you want to get the best from the Oraimo FreePods 4, then the app will help you.


The Oraimo Freepods 4 is probably the best earbud within its price category. It comes packed with features that are found in more expensive earbuds. It barely lacks in any department making it a real value for money. The thumping bass listening experience makes it one of my best buds. What do you think about the Oraimo Freepods 4? Let us know in the comment section


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