Oraimo BoomPop 2 dual connectivity Headset - Full specification and Price

Soon after the Oraimo Boompop headphone was released back in 2021, Oraimo and Boomplay released another collaborative headphone known as the Oraimo BoomPop 2 headset, notice the 2, this will suggest that the Oraimo BoomPop 2 or BoomPop 2, whichever you prefer is meant to be the successor of the Oraimo BoomPop.

oraimo boompop 2 headphone dual connectivity

The Oraimo BoomPop 2 is the latest release headset from Oraimo, with new and exciting features than the previously released Oraimo Boompop. Oraimo BoomPop 2 is equipped with a new 40mm driver, dual device connectivity, and EQ tuning courtesy of the Oraimo sound app.

Oraimo BoomPop 2 headphone

Our review of Oraimo BoomPop 2 headphone

8 / 10Review score


  • Lightweight folding design
  • Dual connectivity
  • Affordable
  • A powerful deep bass
  • Up to 60hrs long playtime


  • Heavily plastic
  • No variety of colors
  • Oversimplified design choice
  • Doesn't feel premium


The Oraimo BooompPop 2 headset comes in black with a nice Oraimo green accent, which gives the headset a very nice look. The ear cups are soft and don’t feel too cheap, the ear cups rotate to fit your ears and the headset can be expanded for people with a bigger head. The right ear cup houses all the function buttons and ports, the power on/off button, the mic, the 3.5mm headphone jack, the type-c charging port, the light indicator, and the three media control buttons.

What you get in the BoomPop 2 is straightforward,

  • User manual
  • A type-C cable
  • An Aux cable
  • And the headphone itself

Full specifications of the Oraimo BoomPop 2 headphone

Speaker Driver
Speaker diameter
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth range
Battery capacity
Up to 60hrs
Charging time
Black and green
Body type
Stainless steel, plastic, cushion
Price tag
25,000 naira - 30,000 naira.

How does Oraimo BoomPop 2 Sound

The Oraimo BoomPop 2 sounds perfect considering its price tag, it comes out of the box with HeavyBass EQ which is decent and can be tuned to match your sound preference with the custom EQ using the oraimo sound app.

The headset is loud enough, with no sound distortion at the highest volume. The media control buttons on the headset also work very well for play and pause, also the volume up and down buttons doubles as skip and go back to the previous track by press and hold.

The Oraimo BoomPop 2 mic works very well while making calls in a medium noisy environment.

Benefits of the Oraimo BoomPop 2

The main benefit of the Oraimo BoomPop 2 headset is the dual device connectivity feature, which means you can now connect the Oraimo BoomPop 2 to your phone and your laptop simultaneously.

Other benefits include

  • Oraimo sound app support
  • Up to 60hrs playtime
  • Powerful deep bass
  • EQ tuning
  • Fast charging
  • Low latency gaming mode with audio and video in sync
  • Lightweight and a folding design

My final verdict

All in all, the Oraimo BoomPop 2 is one headset that actually delivered on its set goals, with a deep and more powerful bass, and its dual connectivity feature, it is very well worth the price of 25,000 - 30,000 naira.

But considering it is a high-end product from Oraimo, I would have loved it if it had more premium materials used in its build, instead of plastic that feels cheap, and if there were more color options to select from, even if it is a limited edition headset. I also expect it to have an active noise cancellation instead of the ENC.


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