Oraimo BoomPop headphone review: full specs, price, and features

The Oraimo BoomPop overhead wireless, Bluetooth headphones is a product result of a collaborative effort between the music streaming platform Boomplay and the tech production company Oraimo, so we both can agree that our expectation and curiosity are now building high.

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oraimo boompop headphone

The Oraimo BoomPop over-headphone was first made available for purchase back on July 17, 2021, the headphone by all accounts is a limited edition headphone that was made through the collaborative efforts of the music streaming platform, Boomplay, and the tech production company known as Oraimo.

This particular headset was designed with one goal in mind, which is to allow the user to have a professional-level experience with their, while still on a strict budget. Given the user, an immersive sound experience and a comfortable fit with its over-the-ear cushioning, BT version 5.0, speakers with 40mm drivers for good sound quality, lightweight body, up to 10hrs of playtime, a 350mAh battery capacity and an affordable price, currently selling at NGN26,400 on oraimo official website.

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Oraimo BoomPop wireless headphone

Our review of Oraimo BoomPop wireless headphone

8 / 10Review score


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Immersive sound
  • Long lasting battery
  • Foldable design
  • LED light show


  • Limitation of color choice
  • LED light drains battery
  • Prominent presence of plastic material

A collaboration between these two (2) companies already gets us excited, so let's take a look at what else this headphone offers.

1. Price

As we said earlier, the purpose of this collaboration was to allow users to have a professional-level experience with a headphone, while still on a budget, which translates to, being affordable, selling at NGN26,400 on the Oraimo website.

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2. Design

Most headphones that you've used always have one issue or another with their design, it either feels cheap, or it's too bulky, heavy, or chunky, which makes them straight-up annoying and uncomfortable for use. Well, the Oraimo BoomPop was intentionally made to be comfortable on the head and ears, with durable materials, firm cushioning, foldable hinges, and an over-the-ear set, to give you the most flexible and comfortable ease while in use.

It also has a glossy finish on the ear pockets which is neat and smooth, giving it a quality and premium look.

3. Sound

The sound is the second superpower of this headphone apart from its comfortable design. With a 40mm driver speaker for maximum sound output, mechanisms that separate each instrument played, and a well-designed and cushioned earpiece, which results in a clear and clean sound output. It also comes with an in-built microphone for all my gamers out there.

4. Battery life

The Oraimi BoomPop has a 350mAh battery capacity, which is put to good use with its up to 10hrs of playtime capacity, up to 14hrs talk time capacity, multicolored LED lighting, and a 3-day battery life on casual use.

Oraimo BoomPop Full specifications

Release date
July 17, 2021
Body type/material
Plastic, cushion, and glossy finishes
Body weight
LED light
Black and green
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth range
Bluetooth distance
Up to 33ft
Battery capacity
Standby time
Up to 40hrs
10hrs with 60% volume
Talk time
10,000 to 25,000 naira range
Memory card slot

Other features of the Oraimo Boompop

  • LED light design to add a sense of fun and flexibility, also making a good night lamp
  • Foldable hinge designed for easy use and mobility
  • Cushion material all round


  • Immersive sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy control
  • Extensive playtime
  • Feels good and premium
  • Up to 40hrs on standby


Is this headphone worth it and should you buy it?

From all that you've read, specifications, features, and benefits included, it is easy to see that the Oraimo BoomPop over-ear headphone is very much worth its price because it actually delivers on what it promised.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the color black, but I also would have loved to have a variety of colors, you know, like 4 limited edition colors, with the Boomplay app logo branded on it along with the oraimo logo in a cool blend of design.


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