Itel P55 5G vs Itel P55 Plus - Make the Right Choice

itel p55 5g vs p55 plus

The itel P55 5G or the iTel P55 Plus? While performance and connectivity might be better on the P55 5G both phones are not far apart. They share a lot of similarities as oppose their difference there are some aspects where you might waste money if you buy the P55 5G over the P55 Plus. For example I don’t have 5G connectivity in my area for that I might not need a 5G phone. if I take a look at the design of the P55 Plus I feel more comfortable. My unit of the P55 Plus comes with a leather back and upfront we have a punch hole cutout. The P55 5G has a dated water drop notch and a plastic back. These might be little things to some people out there but it matters to people like me and some of you out there.

Itel P55 5G vs Itel P55 Plus - Full Aspect Comparison

Design Aspect

p55 plus vs p55 5g desig

Still on the subject of design, look at them side by side and let me know in the comments which one looks better. Taking a glance, you will think they look the same but the reality is the royal green color of the P55 Plus that I have here has a leather finish at the back, while the P55 Plus has plastic. It is rare to get a leather finish around this price and the last device that had a leather finish that I reviewed was the Tecno Camon 20 you still have to spend more to get that device. The leather back of the P55 Plus also means less fingerprint stains, smudges, and dents. The P55 5G has a plastic finish and it is textured it will stain for sure especially the glossy camera part. You can see dust settling there already. They both have a plastic frame, but the finish on the P55 Plus feels like metal and you can see it catching on to fingerprint stains and smudges. if you want are going to use a case however then you don’t need to worry. There is also a silicon TPU case in the box of the P55 Plus. On the P55 5G the frame looks like the back of the phone and you wont see it catching stains. The placement of ports on both phones is also the same. The fingerprint scanner doubles as the unlock key and the volume key is slightly above the unlock key. We have the USB C port, headphone port, microphone and a down firing speaker at the bottom. In terms of design, we have to give it to the P55 Plus.

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Display Aspect Comparison Itel P55 5G vs Itel P55 Plus

p55 5g vs p55 plus display

Another aspect that is close yet different between the two phones is the display. They are both around 6.6 inches, with a 720p resolution, and 90Hz refresh rate. On paper you might think they are the same. Using them every day I came to find that they are quite different. If you go into the display settings you will see that the P55 5G has more options and you can even adjust the color temperature of the display. It is brighter than the P55 Plus but on paper they both have 500 nits of brightness. The 90Hz refresh rate also feels a tad bit smoother on the itel P55 5G. The only problem here is that the P55 5G has a water drop notch display while we have a punch hole cut out on the iTel P55 Plus which definitely looks better. But I will like to know what you prefer in the comments a punch hole cut out or water drop notch. The bezels around the display is also the same. You can stream up to 2K resolution on both phones on YouTube, and both displays are responsive to touch. If you want a better display then the P55 5G is better. But if you want a display that is better aesthetically then the P55 Plus looks better.

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Software & Performance

software p55 5g vs p55 plus

They both are running on Android 13 and itel OS 13.0 is the user interface on both phones. icons and features look the same for the most part. You can even customize both phones and they will look the same. The dynamic bar looks better on the itel P55 plus because of the punch hole cutout. In terms of software there isn’t much separating the two phones. what about performance? without a doubt the P55 5G is better. If you are comparing the two in terms of performance then the P55 5G is surely better. It is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 6080 which a 6 nanometer chipset and 5G capable. It is also paired with 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage space. The P55 Plus is powered by the Unisoc T606 chipset which is a 12 nanometer processor. It has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage space. I prefer how the P55 5G handle app loading times and gaming. Comparing these phones in terms of performance makes no sense because the P55 5G will always come out on top.

Camera Comparison

In terms of camera, on paper they both have the same 50MP primary camera at the back and followed with an AI camera. They also both have an 8MP selfie camera upfront. If you open the camera app on both phones, you will find out that The P55 5G offers more options. To be fair in terms of camera comparison I had to move the pictures to my laptop and compare them side by side because the display calibration is different. Images from the P55 5G appears better and its obviously because of the better image processing from the chipset. You can record 2K videos using the P55 5G while the P55 Plus is maxes out at 1080p. selfie images are also better on the P55 5G. here are more images side by side from both phones.

Battery Life & Charging Speed

They both have a 5000mAh battery and the P55 Plus supports 45 watts fast charging while the P55 5G supports 18 watts fast charging. You are getting the charger inside the box of both phones. Battery life and charging speed is better on the P55 Plus it takes around an hour to charge it from zero to hundred with the 45 watts charger in the box. It will also last an entire day on a single charge. The P55 5G takes around two hours to charge from zero to hundred and on 4G it will give you an entire day of usage. I am sure the battery levels will drop significantly if you use it in an area with 5G. in terms of battery the P55 Plus carries the day faster charging and more screen on time since its only a 4G phone.


Rounding up the P55 5G is better in terms of performance, display, and camera. Design and battery life is for the P55 Plus. If you are trying to make a decision between these two then I hope these helps. In case you have any questions, then kindly ask in the comment section below I will answer.


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