Redmi 13C vs Tecno Spark 20 - The Right Choice

redmi 13c vs tecno spark 20

Choosing between the Tecno Spark 20 and Redmi 13C can be tough. This comparison is designed to assist you in evaluating their pros and cons, so by the end, you'll have a clear understanding of which phone might suit you better. This difference may not be decisive despite the seemingly identical specifications on paper and a minor price gap of 5K. The Tecno Spark 20's base model is priced at around 105K, while the Redmi 13C comes in at 100K for the same configuration.

Tecno Spark 20

Our review of Tecno Spark 20

8 / 10Review score


  • Good Battery Life
  • Decent Camera for The Price
  • Great Dual Speakers
  • Good Build Quality


  • Selfie Images Need to Be better
Redmi 13C

Our review of Redmi 13C

8 / 10Review score


  • Good Build Quality
  • Best Camera for the Price
  • Impressive Battery Life


  • TearDrop Notch is Outdated


redmi 13c vs spark 20 unboxing

The Redmi 13c has a charger in the box, but you are not getting a TPU case and earpiece. Tecno graciously gives you everything in the box, including a USB C charger and SIM Ejector tool. You also get some bulky paperwork in the box of the Redmi 13C. I am not sure if there is anyone out there who reads that nowadays.

Tecno Spark 20 Review

Design Aspect

To some extent, they look alike; the camera rings at the back bring them close, but we have three cameras on the Redmi 13C and two on the Tecno Spark 20. They both have quad flashlights just beside the camera. While the camera parts on both phones have a glossy finish, we have a matte plastic finish at the back of both phones. The Redmi 13C has a more premium finish at the back and is slightly lighter than the Tecno Spark 20. Plastic is plastic, and it's more durable than glass. Both phones have a high chance of surviving accidental drops. The frame on both phones is plastic, and we have a side-mounted fingerprint scanner on the right side of both phones. They are close in terms of how fast they unlock the phone.

The Spark 20 has two speakers and sounds way better than the Redmi 13C. They both have a USB C port for charging, and you get a headphone port on both phones. The headphone port of the Redmi 13C is at the top, while we have one at the bottom on the Spark 20C. They both support dual 4G SIM cards, and there might be a Tecno Spark 20 5G. The Redmi 13C is slightly longer than the Spark 20, and in terms of design, I am leaning towards the Tecno Spark 20; maybe it's because of the shiny color I have. In terms of build quality, both of them have a sturdy build with no creaking or moving parts.

Display Aspect Tecno Spark 20 vs Redmi 13C

redmi 13c vs spark 20 display

The Spark 20 has a punch-hole display, while we have a U-shaped cut-out on the Redmi 13C. We must give it to Tecno because the punch hole cutout is better than Redmi's offering. They both have an IPS LCD, a 90Hz refresh rate, and a 720p resolution. Swiping on both displays, you can't help but notice that the 90Hz refresh rate is more visible on the Redmi 13C. The display size of the Redmi 13C is 6.76 inches, and we have 6.6 inches on the Tecno Spark 20. The bezels are slightly narrower on the Spark 20 because of the punch hole cut out. Typically, budget phones around the price are expected to come with a noticeable bezel. You can tweak the color of both displays in the settings, something we see primarily on AMOLED displays. While they are both IPS LCD displays, the colors are not far apart. Certain color modes are better on the Spark 20, while others are better on the Redmi 13C. Streaming content on YouTube, you get enough details, and you can stream some videos at up to 2K resolution. They are both responsive to touch, and you will be fine no matter what phone you choose in terms of display. the haptic feedback you get while typing on the Redmi 13C is better than the Spark 20. Although the Spark 20 feels more recent with the punch hole, the Redmi 13C isn't far apart.

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Camera Comparison Tecno Spark 20 vs Redmi 13C

We have a 50MP primary camera on both phones. But the Redmi 13C has an additional 2MP macro lens and a second auxiliary lens. The Tecno Spark 20 on the other hand, has a second depth sensor. Regarding pictures, I prefer what the Redmi 13C is doing the pictures look warmer while the pictures of the Spark 20 are too bright. Upfront, we have an 8MP selfie camera on the Redmi 13C and 32MP on the Spark 20. There is overprocessing on both selfie pictures but the Redmi is still warmer despite having a lesser pixel count. I still prefer pictures from the Redmi 13C. Below are side-by-side pictures from both phones.

Software Aspect

android version

Both phones are running on Android 13 and the interface on the Tecno Spark 20 is Hios 13.5 while we have MIUI 14 on the Remdi 13C. They both come with unwanted apps but you get more bloatwares on the Redmi 13C. You can customize both phones to your own taste. The animations are a bit smoother on the MIUI than the HIOS. Regarding software support, the Redmi 13C has a better chance of upgrading to Android 14 and the new Hyper OS. Tecno phones rarely get software updates unless for security support. Regarding software, I will go with the MIUI because it feels faster while scrolling. There isn’t much to separate the software and I feel it might be down to personal preference when selecting between the two.

Performance Comparison Redmi 13C vs Tecno Spark 20

The MediaTek Helio G85 powers both phones, and the units here have 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage space. They both have RAM extensions and can be expanded to 8GB of RAM using some storage space on the phone. In terms of performance, they aren’t far apart and can run demanding games. They handle basic tasks delicately, and I don’t think their performance is far apart. As far as my test, they both open up apps at almost the same time, and there isn’t much to separate them.

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Battery Test & Charging Speed

They have a 5000mAh battery, and both phones support 18-watt fast charging. You can depend on the battery on both phones for an entire day. The battery life on both phones is similar; they take around 2 hours to charge from zero to a hundred.


In conclusion, both phones boast similar specifications and features on paper. Although the Tecno Spark 20's 32MP selfie camera seems superior, real-world performance has shown that the 8MP selfie camera on the Redmi 13C delivers better results. When it comes to design, the Spark 20 takes the lead. In terms of overall performance, they are pretty comparable, and choosing one over the other is challenging. Software-wise, the decision is tough, but I lean towards the Redmi 13C with its MIUI 14. Depending on your preferences, I can recommend either phone. That wraps up my review, and I look forward to sharing more insights in my next one.


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