How to play Breath of the Wild on your smartphone

Ever wished you could explore Hyrule on the go? The dream is now a reality! This guide will show you how to play the legendary Breath of the Wild on your smartphone.

breath of the wild

This author did what would have been considered impossible a few years ago. He not only played but has also successfully completed Breath of the Wild on a smartphone. An Android device for that matter. So that's what we're here to discuss, how to play Breath of the Wild on your smartphone.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild

Breath of the Wild is a critically acclaimed 2017 game made for the Nintendo Switch and published by Nintendo. Like most Nintendo games, the aim of this one is to save a princess, Prince Zelda, from the clutches of Calamity Ganon.

The game won a lot of awards and adulation which were well deserved. This author went into the game expecting very little but at the end, he didn't want to leave Hyrule. Breath of the Wild made him fall in love with gaming all over again after years of just dragging himself along.

With a vast world to explore, challenging enemies to conquer, and a gripping story to unravel, Breath of the Wild is a true gem that deserves to be experienced by as many players as possible.

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How to play Breath of the Wild on your smartphone

This game is a Nintendo exclusive but there are ways to enjoy this classic on your phone. So if you want to play Breath of the Wild, please follow the following steps meticulously:

  1. You need a powerful smartphone. The phone should have a Snapdragon 865 processor at the very least. Other SoCs with similar performance like the Dimensity 1200, 7200 Ultra, 8050, Exynos 1480 etc. should also work.
  2. A Nintendo Wii U or Switch emulator. You should try Cemu or Yuzu or any of the forks laying around e.g. Suyu or Yuzu.
  3. Adjust the settings of the emulator to the lowest and search online for Turnip GPU drivers. These should help the game run better. GPU drivers work best with Adreno GPUs from Snapdragon processors.
  4. Get a cooling fan or some other cooling situation because Breath of the Wild is a very tasking game that will quickly heat up your phone.
  5. Get a controller too as it'll improve your gaming experience. Any cheap but sturdy controller should work like a charm.
  6. Finally, download and install the game as well as the version 1.6.0 update

And that's all. You're all set to go.


This author played this game for around 3 months and enjoyed it so much that he was sad to finish it. Breath of the Wild is a game that gives you so much freedom and enjoyment that you'll find it hard to put the controller down. The bosses are intelligent and engaging, the world is cinematic and enthralling and the fight sequences are intense. You'll be glad that you picked this one up. I assure you.

So, grab your phone, controller, and get ready to lose yourself in the breathtaking world of Breath of the Wild. Just be warned – you might find yourself neglecting your phone's battery life in favor of saving Hyrule!


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