YouTube Music Now Lets You Find Songs By Humming In Recent Update

The Hum to Search feature was first spotted in the Android app version 7.02.

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YouTube Music has introduced an AI-powered feature that allows users to search for songs by simply humming, singing, or playing a snippet. This feature, known as Hum to Search, is designed to help users identify those music that are stuck in their heads but whose titles they can’t recall. The feature is accessible through a new waveform icon in the YouTube Music app, which invites users to vocalize the song they’re trying to find.

The Hum to Search tool is remarkably user-friendly and efficient. Once a user hums, sings, or plays a snippet of a song, the AI quickly analyzes the audio and compares it to YouTube Music’s vast library of tracks. It’s not necessary to have a perfect pitch; the AI is capable of recognizing a song’s melody, which serves as its unique identifier, and matching it to the original recording.

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This feature builds upon similar technology previously available in other Google apps, such as Google Search and the main YouTube app, and even on Pixel smartphones. By extending this capability to YouTube Music, Google has opened up new possibilities for users to connect with music in moments when they can’t remember specific lyrics or song names. The Hum to Search feature was first spotted in the Android app version 7.02 of YouTube Music. It is the integration of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), as the feature rolls out, it’s expected to become widely available to all users, enhancing the way we interact with music streaming services.


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