WhatsApp's Meta AI Can Now Reportedly Reply And Edit Your Images

whatsapp meta ai image

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will enhance its in-built artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Meta AI. This feature aims to enable Meta AI to interact with images, answering queries related to them.

Currently, Meta AI excels at handling text-based queries. However, its limitations become evident when faced with images. The upcoming feature aims to bridge this gap by allowing users to post images directly in their chats and ask Meta AI questions related to those images. Whether you’re curious about the breed of a dog in a photo or need information about a landmark, Meta AI will provide relevant answers.

Imagine sharing a picturesque sunset photo with Meta AI and asking, “Where was this taken?” The chatbot will analyze the image, recognize landmarks, and respond with accurate details. This functionality aligns with the trend seen in other AI chatbots like Gemini AI and ChatGPT, which also handle image-based queries.

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Editing Images on the Go

Beyond mere replies, Meta AI takes it a step further by enabling users to edit images within the chat itself. While specifics are yet to be revealed, we anticipate basic editing features such as cropping, adjusting brightness, and applying filters. Users can enhance their images without leaving the conversation—a convenient addition for those sharing travel photos, memes, or even business-related visuals.

Meta AI’s editing capabilities could extend to more advanced tasks, such as removing red-eye, changing backgrounds, or adding text overlays. Imagine collaborating with the chatbot to create engaging social media posts directly from your chat window!

Privacy Controls and User Empowerment

WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy, and Meta AI is no exception. Users will have control over their shared images. You can choose to delete an image from the chat history, ensuring that sensitive or personal content remains private. Additionally, Meta AI won’t store images beyond the chat session, respecting user preferences. As of now, the Meta AI feature is still in development. WhatsApp beta users can expect to experience its enhanced capabilities soon.


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