WhatsApp Now Blocking Screenshots In Its App

Whatsapp is blocking the ability to screenshot or record your messages

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WhatsApp is testing a new Screenshot Blocking feature as seen in the new update they submitted through TestFlight beta program. The screenshot blocking is meant for view once images and videos, which means nobody would be able to screenshot any image or record any video being marked as view once.

The new feature was spotted on the latest beta version and the TestFlight build is 22.21.0 (405622068), version for the Android version of WhatsApp. This is part of the strategies to improve the security and protection of personal data within the app.

How WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking Works

whatsapp screenshot blocking

According to WABetainfo, it's still possible to take a picture/video on a view once message but would see a completely black screen. The feature is still in the beta phase and not available on stable version. Users are warned to double-check what they're sending in a View Once message.

Screenshot blocking is not a 100% measure to curb the leak of information as recipients can use external devices to record the message. Blocking is being done by default and does not require additional settings from users, and users can take a screenshot of other conversations not marked as view once.


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