WhatsApp Might Soon Clear Unread Message Counts - Reports

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WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature for users with lot of unread messages. The feature, spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android, allows users to clear their unread message count each time they open the app. This could provide a much-needed relief for those who are part of active group chats and receive a high volume of messages daily. The beta version is open for those that registered for the Beta program via Google Playstore.

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The proposed feature aims to reduce the visual clutter and psychological burden of having numerous unread messages. It’s designed to help users focus on new and important communications without the distraction of a mounting unread count. By resetting the unread message notifications to zero upon each app opening, WhatsApp users could enjoy a cleaner interface and a less stressful messaging experience.

It could lead to important messages being missed, as clearing the unread count might cause users to overlook conversations that they haven’t yet viewed. The feature will not mark the chats as read, so no blue ticks will appear, but the absence of an unread counter could mean some messages go unnoticed.

WhatsApp has not officially confirmed a release date for this feature, but it is expected to go live in a future update. It’s a toggle option, giving users the choice to activate or deactivate it according to their preference. This flexibility ensures that those who find the feature helpful can use it, while others who prefer to keep track of their unread messages can opt out.


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