WhatsApp launches the Message Yourself feature

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Users of iOS and Android are now able to use WhatsApp's Message Yourself feature. The feature, which was only accessible to those who participated in the beta test, is now made public.

It's possible to message yourself using the Message Yourself tool. You can post private conversations as you would in any other chat because it is only visible to you. It can also be used to record voice notes, save online URLs, and make essential notes to yourself.

I have always wished WhatsApp had the option to send messages to just me, I have previously tried creating a new WhatsApp with another number to save important documents but the account got deactivated after a while, I also tried creating a group chat and removing the group members just to be able to store important documents and images, but all these won't be necessary thanks to the availability of the WhatsApp message yourself feature. I can now save my document, links, images, and other important information with ease.

Although there are a lot of apps available online that can be used for this, I feel it is a necessity to have it on WhatsApp. I guess I'm not alone on this and can only assume that the WhatsApp Team has taken into consideration this feature in response to its numerous requests. WhatsApp users can now chat directly with themselves.

Through the beta trim, the Message Yourself feature has been accessible. The feature is currently rolling out to all Android and iOS users following testing and implementation. This is just likened to a personal chat where you can record voice notes, bookmark links, make significant notes, and save documents. Telegram has had the feature since the app's inception. It took some time, but WhatsApp now supports it. Since testing began in October, the feature is now available to all users.

Despite WhatsApp's announcement that it has "launched," this feature is still not yet accessible. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed to see if there is a new update for the app or if the update happens on the server.

In recent times, WhatsApp has seen the addition of new features. In the coming years, the firm will concentrate on the chat app and Facebook Messenger, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: gsmarena


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