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Top 5 Best Foldable Smartphones in 2022 — is Samsung still leading the race?

It has been said that the foldable phone market will grow by 73% over the next years, considering this, it is only normal for you to know which of the many foldable phones currently available in the market will be best value for your bucks.

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To determine what foldable are the best in 2022, we have to ensure that they all thick all these categories, in case you are hoping to get one, make sure that you have an eye out for all of these things.

Things To Look Out For When Getting A Foldable Phone.

Extra Screen — If you think having an extra screen will help you get more work done then you better pay attention to the construction of the foldable you want to get.

You need to consider both the internal display and the external display(the screen outside of the phone). Find out what you can do with the exterior screen.

Extended battery life — Can the battery hold up to the task that will be performed on the phone, and does it overheat or not, and can it handle prolonged and intense use?

Convenience — Does it fold or flip well enough that it doesn’t look awkward when carried around, is it too big for your hand, or is it too small?

Let’s go through them with simplicity and find out what foldable are the best in 2022.

Best Foldable Phones Of 2022.

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