Telegram Premium is coming: what We Know and what do you get?

"Telegram is free forever. No Ads, No subscription fees" has been removed in the new beta version. The Premium pack will offer more exclusive emoji and stickers. Would that be enough to get you to subscribe?

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Telegram is a cross-platform, freeware, cloud-based instant messaging service first launched for iOS on 14th August 2013 and 20th October 2013 on Android. Telegram Premium does not differ from free version . The free offers end-to-end encryption, free unlimited cloud storage, and media, with other features such as channels, bots, polls, stickers, and animated emojis.

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The early Beta version for iOS has been spotted by the popular mobile developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. The cloud-based Instant Messaging app removed the tag "Telegram is free forever. No Ads, No subscription fees" in the new beta version. The Telegram premium includes features such as reactions and exclusive stickers. According to Paluzzi, Telegram will continue to offer free unlimited cloud-based storage for media and chats but the new data strings indicate there will be a premium subscription for stickers, additional reactions more.

What We Know About Telegram Premium

The co-founder of Telegram Paul Durov announced in 2020, that the messaging platform will bring in paid subscription and ads platform to generate revenue. The company has been mute regarding the features. Beta testers for iOS spotted new Telegram premium stickers and reactions in version 8.7.2. Users with access to Telegram’s TestFlight builds and its Test Server can send each other exploding-heart and flying-ghost reactions, a sticker in which that cute blobby yellow duck is just unbearably unhappy. A non Telegram premium user won't be able to see the sticker and will also be prompted to sign up for a Telegram premium subscription.

According to Paul Durov, Telegram will feature paid subscriptions and ads to generate revenue in order not to go instinct or sell out like WhatsApp. Will you switch to another messaging platform because of the rumored subscription? If Telegram is your daily driver for instant messaging it's not necessary to switch as they have promised to have distinctive security features as all the activities including groups, chats and media shared among participants are encrypted.