Telegram now lets you to Hide images, set profile photos for Your Contacts and more!

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Telegram's most recent update is here. Numerous new features have been added in the most recent update, such as spoiler formatting for media, new drawing tools, zero storage consumption, and the ability to modify contacts' profile photographs. New animated and interactive emojis have also been added to Telegram, along with group member hiding features.

With these, Telegram has become even more useful as a messaging app β€” Let's briefly look into some of these key features

Spoiler formatting for media


Also known as Hidden media, which is absent from many of the top messaging apps such as WhatsApp, is one of the most noticeable new additions to Telegram's constantly expanding feature set.

Telegram now allows you to cover a photo or video behind a spoiler filter. It is covered by a shimmering layer with a blur, which obscures the content unless the recipient clicks on it. Just one tap is all you need to reveal the mystery image. This feature is useful when you wish to apply a blur filter to sensitive media to obfuscate it.

Zero Storage Usage

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On your device, Telegram may occupy almost negligible to no space. At any time, you can delete files and media from your phone's storage and redownload them from the Telegram cloud.

You can see the things that eat up space visually with a pie chart. With new dedicated tabs for media, files, and music, you can also get rid of the things that take up space.

You can re-download the files from your Telegram cloud whenever it is needed. Although the messaging app currently lets you set a maximum cache size and have unimportant items erased after a given period of time, the new option gives you more precise control over your phone's storage.

New Drawing and Text Tools


A new blur tool is available to cover up confidential information you don't want to share. Furthermore, 5 high-precision color tools, including a new eyedropper tool, are now part of the app's upgraded drawing capabilities.

Drawing tools smoothen lines and adjust line width automatically based on drawing pace. Even non-Telegram Premium users get access to custom animated emojis and can alter the text size, font, and backdrop when sharing photographs or videos β€” You may now alter the size, font, and background of text you add to images or videos.

Replace or suggest profile photos to contacts and also set Public Profile Pictures

The messaging app now offers new options for choosing a private profile photo that is only viewable to your contacts in addition to a public profile photo.

You can also set a profile image for any of your acquaintances without their knowledge. This implies that the photo you've linked to their contact information is solely visible to you. However, if you want to recommend the same image to them and you think they'll appreciate it, you can do so.

Hiding Group Members

Members of groups with 100 or more members can now be hidden by group administrators. By doing this, only the admin will be able to see that you are a member of the group unless you make a post.

The remaining updates include new progress animations on Android when navigating to certain conversation spots, a ten-emoji animated bundle for Premium users, and more interactive emoji, like.πŸŽ…πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈπŸ’…πŸ—ΏπŸ†’πŸ€ͺ.

The update is available to both iOS and Android users.

Source: GsmArena


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