Snapchat Alternatives on Android and iPhone

Have you wondered what it would be like to use an app that isn't Snapchat but still get a few of its features? Here are the apps to try out.

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Since its advent, the Snapchat app has become one of the most widely used apps on the globe because of its unique features that make the app thrilling. While several people use it as a chat app an even larger population is on Snapchat for its filters– to make videos and click pictures.

Notwithstanding, some apps also perform the same actions as the Snapchat app, these Snapchat alternatives have features that replicate the ones found in Snapchat.

Snapchat Alternatives


Just like Snapchat, this can serve as a Snapchat alternative for disappearing messages; one of Snapchat's foremost features. On the Dust app, messages sent are encrypted, they disappear after opening and self-destruct after 24 hours if not opened. Just like Snapchat, Dust allows users to send multiple encrypted messages at the same time. Messages deleted by the sender are also deleted for everyone who received them. This app is so secure that screenshot isn't even supported by the app. A notification is sent to a user when someone tries to screenshot their chat.

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This is the closest there is to Snapchat filters on Android. It's the best although not perfect Snapchat alternative on Android for those in need of a picture filter app. The app has a lot of effects and filters that make editing easier. However, if you are an ardent Snapchat user, you might find this app slower and of a lower resolution. Nevertheless, it is the better Snapchat alternative when compared to other apps with the live filter.

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YouCam Fun

This app can serve as a Snapchat alternative for videos and pictures. The app has exaggerated filters that one can use just for the fun of it. Although the filters often underside the user's face, it is an okay Snapchat alternative, especially for kids.

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Here is another Snapchat alternative for pictures and videos. There are varieties of filters and stickers on the app. It also allows the user to create stickers and GIFS. Just like the Snapchat app, dragging the screen up while on the application displays the album (snaps). Videos can also be muted, fast forward to ×6, and pictures timed.

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This is another app that works like Snapchat when it comes to disappearing messages. It allows the user to set the duration of messages and after the time elapses the message sent also disappears within that time. It is a reliable Snapchat alternative for safe and secure chats.

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Are there Snapchat alternatives? Yes! Do they perform better than Snapchat? It's up to the user and their preference. Some of these apps give their optimum best which are worth looking out for.


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