Samsung's 4nm Technology Could Power AMD's Next-Gen Zen 5c Chips

samsung and amd

The semiconductor chip manufacturing division of Samsung Electronics, known as Samsung Foundry, is returning to the chip foundry industry. Samsung is in a position to make up some of the ground it lost after losing some important customers to competitor TSMC, including Apple, Nvidia, and Qualcomm.

The notable advance in Samsung's 4nm chip production process is credited with the reversal. The business reportedly achieved parity with TSMC in terms of 4nm chip production and performance.


AMD is interested in this development and has chosen to utilize Samsung Foundry's 4nm manufacturing for its next Zen 5c CPUs. It's anticipated that TSMC will use its 3nm process for the higher-end Zen 5c devices, while Samsung's 4nm technology will be used for the lower-end variants.

The fact that Samsung produced AMD Zen 5c chips successfully may let AMD take into account Samsung Foundry's new 3nm GAA process in the future.

"If Samsung successfully secures an order for AMD's 4-nano chips this time, it will pave the way for transactions in the 'big chip' field for servers, where Samsung has traditionally been less dominant," says Kim Yang-paeng, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade. In the future, Samsung may be able to use cutting-edge procedures like 3-nano, greatly increasing its impact in the sector.


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