Samsung Exynos 1480 Chipset: Full Details Of The Chipset

Performance, Graphics and AI boost, what else do you need to know about the Exynos 1480 chipset?

samsung exynos 1480

Samsung has once again raised the bar in the mobile chipset arena with the introduction of the Exynos 1480, the heart of the new Galaxy A55 5G. This chipset is not just an incremental update; it’s a significant leap forward, promising to redefine performance and efficiency in mid-range smartphones.

Performance and Graphics

The Exynos 1480 is built on a 4nm EUV process, which is a step ahead of its predecessor, the Exynos 1380’s 5nm LPE process. It features a robust octa-core CPU configuration with 2x Cortex-A78 units at 2.75 GHz and 6x Cortex-A55 units at 2.0 GHz. This setup provides a balance of power and efficiency, ensuring that your device can handle intensive tasks without draining the battery.

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galaxy a55 exynos 1480
Galaxy A55 5G comes with Exynos 1480 chipset

One of the most exciting aspects of the Exynos 1480 is the Xclipse 530 GPU, based on the AMD RDNA architecture. It’s the first time this advanced technology has been brought to a midrange platform, offering a 53% faster GPU performance compared to the Exynos 1380. Features like Variable Rate Shading (VRS) and Super Resolution bring console-quality graphics to your mobile gaming experience.

Camera and Connectivity

The Exynos 1480 doesn’t just stop at performance; it also brings major improvements in connectivity. The chipset supports 5G NR Sub-6GHz with faster downlink speeds and now includes Wi-Fi 6E support. This means quicker downloads, smoother streaming, and more reliable connections, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Photography enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Exynos 1480 supports cameras up to 200MP in single camera mode. It also offers advanced computational photography technology, ensuring that every shot you take is picture-perfect.

Exynos 1480 Full Specifications

Cortex®-A78x4 (2.75GHz), Cortex®-A55x4 (2.0GHz)
Samsung Xclipse 530
AI Engine with 6K MAC NPU
5G NR Sub-6GHz (5.10 Gbps DL / 1.28 Gbps UL), 5G NR mmWave (4.84 Gbps DL / 0.92 Gbps UL), LTE Cat.18 6CC (1.2Gbps DL / Cat.18 2CC 211Mbps UL)
Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth® 5.3, GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo)
Up to 200MP in single camera mode, Single-camera 64MP @30fps, Dual-camera 32+32MP @30fps
4K at 30FPS
LPDDR5, up to 12 GB
UFS 3.1
Up to 2960 x 1440 resolution
4 nanometers


The Samsung Galaxy A55 5G, powered by the Exynos 1480, is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to innovation. With this chipset, Samsung is not just setting a new standard for mid-range devices but is also paving the way for future advancements in mobile technology.



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