Redmi A3 vs Redmi 13C - All Aspect Comparison

redmi 13c vs redmi a3

The Redmi A3 and 13C are both budget phones from the Redmi Series by Xiaomi. Some of you might be interested in buying a budget phone and these two fall in that category. There is a slight price difference between the two phones as the Redmi A3 costs around $80 while we have the Redmi 13C selling for slightly above $100. Don’t make a mistake while trying to buy any of them and by reading this article to the end, you will know everything there is to know about both phones. Whichever one you buy after reading, just know that you are getting some accessories in the box, including a charger and USB Cable. The only thing missing is a silicone TPU case.

Redmi A3 vs Redmi 13C - All Aspect Comparison

Redmi A3

Our review of Redmi A3

6 / 10Review score


  • Afordable Price
  • Good Design
  • Great Battery Life


  • Slow Charging
  • Obvious Lags
Redmi 13C

Our review of Redmi 13C

7 / 10Review score


  • Great Build Quality
  • Value for Money


  • Slow Storage
  • 720p Display Resolution

Design Aspect


In terms of design, the Redmi A3 has a glass back, while we have a plastic back on the Redmi 13C. The frames on both phones are made of plastic. You get a large camera ring at the back of the Redmi A3 while we have two camera rings at the back of the Redmi 13C. I see a lot of people going with the design of the Redmi A3 because it’s not a typical design. Let me know in the comment section which phone you prefer regarding design. They both have a side mounted fingerprint scanner, and they are equally fast at unlocking the phone. On the left side they both have a sim card tray that house two nano sim cards and a slot for memory expansion. They both charge through a USB C port, and you also get a headphone port on both phones. The Redmi A3 has its speaker and headphone port at the top while the Redmi 13C has its speaker at the bottom and headphone port at the top. The microphone for calls is located at the bottom on both phones. In terms of design, the Redmi A3 is my preferred choice because its glass at a very low price, plastic isn’t bad and it’s more durable. Glass just feels more premium. Both phones are sturdy and the buttons are not squishy. As far as build quality goes, there is no flex or creaking on both phones.

Redmi A3 Review

Display Aspect


They both have an IPS LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate and 720p resolution. In terms of size, the Redmi A13C is bigger at 6.74 inches, while we have 6.71 inches on the Redmi A3. Both displays are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. They both have thick bezels, but the Redmi A3 has a more noticeable bezel. The brightness level on the Redmi 13C is more than what you get on the Redmi A3 when you are outdoors. Both displays are responsive to touch, and by default, when you get them, they are set to 60Hz, and you have to scroll into the display settings and set it to 90Hz. You can stream videos on YouTube at 1080p on both displays but the colors are a bit better on the Redmi 13C. In terms of display, the Redmi 13C is clearly ahead but they are equally good displays when you consider the price they are selling for.

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Performance & Software

Mediatek processor powers both phones, we have the Helio P35 on the Redmi A3 while we have the MediaTek Helio G85 Powering the Redmi 13C. Performance is better on the Redmi 13C because it has a processor that is a bit more powerful. It doesn't mean that it is a super-fast phone, it is still not something that will run games heavily. The Redmi A3 is powered by a chip that isn’t as close as the A13 they only come close in terms of battery efficiency. The Redmi A13 is the clear winner in this aspect.

Now, back to software. The Redmi 13C is running on Android 13 and MIUI 14 while we have the Redmi A3 running on Android 14 Go Edition and MIUI but it doesn't really look like MIUI. The interface on the Redmi A3 was optimized lightly. If you look at the interface of the Redmi 13C it is a bit more of what we are used to from Redmi. You also get more customization with the Redmi 13C but there are some tricky customizations you can do with the Redmi A3. In terms of software, even though the Redmi A3 is running on Android 14 Go Edition it dosent give you a great software experience. I prefer the MIUI 14 on the Redmi 13C.

Camera Apsect

What about camera? I know it’s a key component for most of you when buying a phone. The Redmi 13C has a 50MP primary camera, while we have an 8MP primary lens at the back of the Redmi A3. Before I even move further, I just know that the camera on the 13C looks and feels better. You get more details and sharpness and colors seem to be better. The Redmi A3 seems to struggle in most cases and it finds it difficult to process skin tones. Portrait mode is also better on the Redmi 13C even though I am impressed with the background blur on the Redmi A3. There are two extra lenses at the back of the Redmi 13C with a single additional lens at the back of the Redmi A3. I am not happy to inform you that both lenses are of no use. Even the 2MP macro lens at the back of the Redmi 13C only gives you shot that lack details. Upfront you get an 8MP selfie camera on the Redmi 13C and a 5MP lens on the Redmi A3. As usual the selfie pictures on the 13C is better. They both shoot 1080p @ 30 frames per second with the front and back lens. In terms of camera its easy, the Redmi 13C is better.

Battery Life & Charging Speed

What about battery life and charging speed. This aspect should have easily been a tie to why the Redmi 13C takes the day; it is because the Redmi A3 only supports 10 watts of fast charging. It takes two hours to charge the Redmi A3 from zero to hundred which is slow by 2024 standards and the 13C falls short of 2 hours charging by some minutes. in terms of battery life they are easily two day phones, depending on how use them. Battery is a strong aspect on both phones and you won’t experience any issues with battery.


Now to the final say. The Redmi 13C is better, faster, and has a better camera. the design is boring and that is an aspect where we will gladly say the A3 won. The display on both phones have a 90 Hz refresh rate but the 13C is slightly ahead. What do you think about both phones? I will let you be the judge. Comment if you have any questions and we will answer you in a bit.


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