Proven techniques that work, for a hackproof password and accounts

Do you want to know the best tricks and or methods to get the superman of all passwords (the super password), the kind of password that will take professional hackers half their life span to hack? Then read on for more information.

proven techniques that work for a hackproof password and accounts

Let's be honest with each other, except you are Tony stack(Iron man) who is a computer genius among other things, coming up with the right password to protect your accounts is one hell of a problem, now making that password strong enough to prevent hacking is another Goliath🪨🪨 of an issue.

Statistically, 2,220 cyberattacks happen daily which equates to over 800,000 cyberattacks per year, which is just ridiculous, imagine how much vital info is already in the hands of the wrong people.

I’m going to tell you 3 main techniques/tricks that are sure to make your passwords into Pentagon-worthy ones.

Password Protection Techniques

  1. Peppering technique
  2. Salting technique
  3. Don’t remember the trick

Let’s take a look at what they are and how they work

1. Peppering technique

Peppering is what happens when you intentionally add a secret layer of random characters to your password, which is only known to you before it is salted and hashed. It changes the nature of your passwords altogether and makes them nigh immune to brute-force hacking.

How does peppering work

Okay let’s say your initial password is Moonlight, this can be easily hacked by someone who knows you or is close to you, in all honesty, 🙌🙌✋✋ most of us write down our password so as not to forget, probably on a book or at the back of our framed pictures 👀👀 which leaves us vulnerable.

So, let's say you write down your password (Moonlight), but unbeknown to anyone else you added a string of random characters to it, like (Moonlight#?*we), these random characters are what is known as PEPPERING, they add a little spice to your passwords and they are only known by you, this keeps your password more protected, hackproof and stronger 💪.

2. Salting technique

Salting is a technique that prevents your password from getting hacked while giving you a hulk-like password simultaneously.

Salting is not a random addition of characters to the main password, unlike peppering which is carried out by the user. Salting is the generation of characters specifically for the password you provide by the website algorithm, they add a character of 32 or more which makes your password a whole lot more difficult to hack.

How does salting work

When a person creates a password and signs up for an account online, the website automatically should generate a series of characters of 32 or above for your specific password and then they are hashed, so when next you re-enter that password, it runs it through a-one-way encrypted algorithm of the website(Hashing) and matches the password you entered with the one salted for you, if they match, then you are allowed access into your account, but if there is no match, then you are denied access into that account.

3. Do not remember

This is a nice little trick I learned during my adventures, cough cough😆😆. What this means is..when you want to enter your password into your phone or account, do not check the Remember Me Box at the bottom of the password space.

What this does is that it keeps the site from bringing it up as a suggested password or auto-filling it, which makes the password more secure from people around you or your siblings who want to break into your phone while you are asleep.

Differences between Peppering and Salting

  • Peppering is added by the owner of the password, while Salting is done/added by the website providers.
  • Pepperings are randomly generated characters, while Salting is specifically generated for your specific password.

A combination of both salt and pepper would only make your passwords even stronger.



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