Palmpay — Get ₦30000 Awoof Moni, Spend less on services

Get rewarded for doing what you do; pay for services.

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Good day beautiful ones, I will be explaining how you can get ₦30000 Awoof Moni from PalmPay. Also, how you can reduce the cost of your Internet service with the use of the above-mentioned platform as your payment app. Without eating more of your precious time, let’s step on it.

Our review of PalmPay

8 / 10Review score


  • Great payment services.
  • Discount offers
  • Promotion and events to win prices


  • Minimal Offline presence
  • The app could feel heavy for midrange devices
  • Too much notifications

Palmpay introduction

Palmpay is a payment app fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria for online payment services; services ranging from phone bills, electricity bills, TV bills and more.

Palmpay is not associated with any bank whether off or online. With that out of the way, Whatever is being discussed here concerning palmpay is a feature it is legally offering.

Going full pidgin on this one, pardon me if you may.

How you go take collect ₦30,000 from Palmpay too.

For example.

Palmpay give me ₦30000. They want make I help them share ₦3000 to other Nigerians too. For palmpay to be sure say I go share the ₦30000 fairly. Them come say na only ₦100 I go fit dey give each person at a time.

Make e no be say na only my family people I share the money give, they come give me link to use. So When anybody click that link, even if na my enemy or who I dey owe moni, the person go still collect ₦100 through that link.

You sef collect your own ₦100 Awoof Moni, After you don collect that ₦100, you go get ₦30000 to share give us too.. Oya, click here


The link on "oya, click here" has been removed, if you're reading this and the Link hasn't been updated yet, please leave a comment to notice us

Spending less for online service through palmpay

Few of the very demanding and unavoidable expenses we face on daily basis are online related. I am talking of Internet, airtime and TV subscriptions.

A lot of people pay these fees from their bank and often don’t get compensated for doing so. Let’s face it, you are the one who needs it why should you be appreciated, right?

Wrong. This is where palmpay comes in, a completely free and without risk medium to conduct all your payment needs and be given discounts, points and coupons which can be converted to money, which further more, brings down the cost of your spending.

Palmpay gives you coupons and points when you transact on the app.

Coupons: you get coupons when you perform activities such as check-in, claiming rewards of Awoof Moni through other palmpay users Awoof Moni generated link.

Points: you also earn points for checking in daily, buying airtime and paying for your Tv subscriptions.

With these easy activities, you can reduce the cost of the fees you are required to pay during Airtime purchase or TV subscriptions.

Here is an illustration. You are buying airtime of 100naira through the app, you can reduce your payout money with the use of palmpay point or coupons to as little as 0naira.

Don’t stress about it, you are never going to get such appreciation anywhere else other than palmpay.

Would you have believed it if I told its possible to buy ₦100 airtime for ₦0?. This is only possible on the aforementioned platform.

buying airtime on palmpay

And for TV subscriptions, you can reduce your Gotv, DStv or Startimes subscription by -10% or -50% depending on the amount you have in coupons or points.

This is a huge way to cut down on those spending requirements, which are essential needs.

Quick question, are you going to take advantage of this awesome opportunity from PalmPay or you are sticking to your usual method of “paying in full” for the subscriptions you enjoy?

How to Fund your PALMPAY Wallet.

This may seem complex, seeing palmpay doesn’t have physical bank branches, But in reality, funding your wallet is quite simple and easy.

To fund your palmpay wallet go to any bank app, for reference purposes, I will be using the Kuda bank app. You can check the link below on how to open a kuda bank account.

Open your kuda app >> click payments >> send money >> amount >> click bank >> select palmpay >> then input your phone number associated with palmpay as your account number without the first zero; e.g 8012345678.

Input other requirements. If everything is done successfully, your palmpay account will be credited almost immediately.

With that out of the way, you are no longer limited by the absence of an offline bank to fund your account.

To download the palmpay app, click on this link or download it below from the Google play store.

If you are interested in getting your own 30000naira courtesy PalmPay, to start your Awoof Moni journey, click here… No wori, the Moni plenty.

Added Information.

Palmpay is also giving out ₦20000, ₦10000 and ₦5000 to lucky users in celebration of Nigeria’s October 1st independence. To know more about this, follow @palmpayapp on twitter

There you have it. Until the next one. Yours reviewsfully ZESUsHV signing you to a wonderful day ahead.


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