Oraimo Watch 3 Plus Review - Everything You Need to Know

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oraimo watch 3 plus

The Oraimo Watch 3 Plus is the upgrade to last year's Oraimo Watch 2 Plus. In this review, I will share my experience with the watch and if it is worth buying. It has many health and sports modes and a decent battery life. You don’t have to break the bank to buy the watch as it costs around NGN 25,000. It is more of a dumbed-down version of the Watch 3 Pro, and surprisingly, it has a feature missing on the Pro watch. Let’s dive deep and talk about the smartwatch.

Oraimo Watch 3 Plus

Our review of Oraimo Watch 3 Plus

7 / 10Review score


  • Wireless Calls
  • Good Battery Life
  • Built in Music Player
  • 120+ Sport Modes


  • The Screen is not Bright Enough

Oraimo Watch 3 Plus Unboxing

  • The Smartwatch
  • Paper Work
  • Charger

Oraimo Watch 3 Plus Review – Everything You Need to Know

Design & Build Quality

The watch has a plastic build with a silicone strap that fits different wrist sizes. It is a lightweight watch even though it looks thick in the eye. You can wear it for an extended period, and your wrist won’t tire. It can be used for long sessions in the gym or any exercise outdoors. The watch has a square-shaped size with two buttons by the side. There is a microphone for wireless calls, and the Oraimo branding is at the back of the watch. You also see the heart rate sensor and the magnetic charging pin at the back. An IP68 water and dust resistance rating makes it an ideal companion for the gym. It comes in black, and Oraimo isn’t giving you any other color options. I also wish the strap could be swapped and replaced with other colors. The design of the watch is reminiscent of other Oraimo Smartwatches.

Oraimo Watch 3 Plus Display

The Oraimo Watch 3 Plus has a 1.83-inch TFT color display, the same size as the Oraimo Watch 3 Pro. It has a resolution of 240 x 280 and is bright enough outdoors under direct sunlight. You get a pleasant viewing experience compared to the 1.69-inch display the Oraimo Watch 2 Plus came with. Every detail pops up when you are using it for fitness activities or picking up calls. It has a clean interface, and I love the icons; navigating is easy because the display has a high touch response rate. Using the Oraimo Health app, you can switch between the watch faces the watch supports. We will talk more about the Health app in a bit.

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Oraimo Watch 3 Plus Review – Battery Life

The Oraimo Watch 3 Plus comes with a 300mAh battery, one of the smartwatch's best features. It can last up to 7 days on a single charge, which is impressive considering its price. Most smartwatches it is competing with can barely go past a day on a single charge. if you leave the display on full blast brightness, you will get 4 days of battery life. It supports quick charging, and with just ten minutes of charging, you can get up to 24 hours of battery life.

Bluetooth & Connectivity

The Smartwatch comes with Bluetooth 5.2 and connects to Android and iPhones. It pairs instantly to any phone and can still work fine even if it's 10 meters from the paired device. Connectivity is always seamless and takes less than a minute after the initial pairing is complete. If you want to enjoy using the smartwacth more, you need to download the Oraimo Health app.  When connected with the watch, you can tweak many settings, and you will also get real-time updates about your fitness activities. The watch can also be tracked using the app, as you can make it ring when it's missing.

Health & Fitness Modes

The Oraimo Watch 3 Plus has 120+ sports modes, making it a diverse smartwatch. You can use it for cycling, running, football, yoga, etc. It will track your performance and give you real-time data through the app. You can set goals and analyze your performance courtesy of the app. The smartwatch will also track your heart rate and blood oxygen level. You can also wear it to sleep and track your sleep overnight. It will show you how you slept overnight and when you had the best sleep. The Oraimo Watch 3 Plus will give you insight into your health, but if you want better insight and practical data, you need to download the companion app.

More Features of the Oraimo Watch 3 Plus

A built-in Music Player lets you import MP3 files and enjoy them while using the watch. You can connect it to an earbud or use the built-in speaker on the watch. Oraimo didn’t disclose the storage space on the watch, but I am sure it will take only a few songs. At least it’s a good addition; you can add three songs you like. During my tests, I only added two songs on the watch.

You can pick up or reject calls directly on the watch, which is also a nice feature. There are more expensive smartwatches out there that don’t have the feature. It has an HD call quality, and all your conversations will be heard loud and clear. You can pick up or reject calls no matter where you are as long as the watch is connected via Bluetooth.

Wrapping Up

The Oraimo Watch 3 Plus is a good budget watch with well-balanced features. There is barely any smartwatch in the market around its price category that offers wireless calls. It has an impressive battery life, and the build quality is remarkable. It will fit into your lifestyle, help keep track of your health, and improve your performance in sports. There is barely anything missing from the watch when you consider the price. 


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