Oraimo Watch 2R 1.39 TFT Smartwatch Review

Oraimo watch 2R 1.39 TFT IP68 smartwatch is one of the best circular-faced, entry-level smartwatch Oraimo has to offer. Staying true to their goal of bringing premium quality products to consumers at an affordable price point.

oraimo watch

Oraimo watch 2R is the latest watch from the Oraimo smart accessories, it can be found and bought on Oraimo's official online store at a price point of NGN 35,800 in Nigeria, it features a circular watch face, 1.39-inch TFT 360×360p screen, Bluetooth version 5.2, a 260mAh battery capacity which Oraimo claims should last you for about 7 days, 24-hour health monitoring,120+ sport modes and much more.

So without further delay, let's dig into this smartwatch and see if it's worth the price tag that comes with it, but first, what does the TFT display mean?

The TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, a type of LCD commonly found in entry-level smartwatches. This screen uses individual transistors and capacitors for each pixel, allowing them to save on energy by selectively activating pixels.

This comes with the drawback of TFT displays having lower viewing angles, less clarity, and less color accuracy when compared to AMOLED displays, so keep that in mind.

Oraimo Watch 2R

Our review of Oraimo Watch 2R

7 / 10Review score


  • Affordable
  • Offers the basic requirements of a sport watch
  • IP68 rating
  • High definition screen


  • Entry-level display
  • Does not support GPS
  • Does not support Wi-Fi


As an entry-level smartwatch, the Oraimo Watch 2R offers a lot for its category, something that can only be found on a higher-level smartwatch, for example, BT V5.2, IP68 rating, meaning its dust and water-resistant, 120+ sport modes, 24-hrs health monitoring, a good amount of clarity, and the ability to initiate call directly from the watch. All these are at a price point of NGN 35,800 in Nigeria.

oraimo watch 2r1

Build/ Body/Design

The Oraimo 2R smartwatch is made using simple yet premium materials, which gives it its sleek look. The watch 2R is made using ABS/ PC/ Silica Gel, which are materials that can be found in automotive parts, toys, household appliances and so on. They are thermoplastic materials and adhesives known for their strength, impact resistance, and versatility, their being thermoplastic means they are resistant to heat and dissipate or regulate heat at an efficient rate which adds to the longevity and durability of the watch 2R since it's a sport-centric device.

This watch comes in a circular form factor with a single action button on the side of the watch. it features 1.39 inches.

It has a 260mAh battery capacity with a lithium-polymer battery type which has a charging time of 2 hours and 7 days stand-by time. It weighs in at 39.8g (with strap) and has a dimension of 46×46×11mm ( without strap). All these contribute to the watch 2R's longevity, resistance, and extended usage.

Unfortunately, Oraimo watch 2R only comes in one colour way, which is Black. As you all know, this author would very much prefer a more diverse selection of colours, but black works as well.


Oraimo watch 2R has a circular 1.39-inch high-definition colourful screen and provides clarity like never before, its 1.39 TFT screen redefines clarity and delivers a brighter more vivid viewing and smooth operating experience. It has a 360×360p resolution and a 500nits peak brightness, all these are not the best specs or stat in the smartwatch space, but as an entry-level smartwatch… it gives more than enough.

Furthermore, The watch 2R provides you with an ultra-soft strap and 150+ watch faces to fit your individual style and personal preferences.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits is that one area where you can really see and understand the value of the watch 2R, and its usefulness.

The watch 2R features a 1.39-inch high-definition colourful screen with clarity like never before, the TFT screen redefines clarity and delivers a bright and more vivid viewing and smooth operating experience. With a 360×360p pixel resolution and 500nit brightness, it has an IP rating of 68 (IP68) which means it is dust and water-resistant and can be submerged underwater or get splashed by water for up to 15 min.

Oraimo watch 2R also features 120+ sport modes which allows you to meet your diverse exercise needs, while also giving you the option of absolute customization by monitoring your exercise status and adjusting your targets effectively. You can control music and media playing on your watch during training sessions as well. It supports BT calling which allows you to always stay connected even on the go, you can track, make and reject calls directly from your wrist with ease, anytime anywhere.

The HD audio quality also ensures that every conversation is clear and natural, with it fast, stable and low energy consumption chip BT.

Other features and benefits include…

  • SOS dialling
  • Setting reminders for daily health and wellness habits
  • Remote control photography
  • Checking the weather
  • Finding a phone
  • 24 hours health monitoring ( heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep and breathing exercise self-monitoring).
  • Access to more settings with the Oraimo app
  • Ultra-soft Silicon strap

Specification Table

Oraimo Watch 2R 1.39 TFT
NGN 33,900
ABS/ PC/ Silica Gel
Watch size
Screen size
Bluetooth version
Battery capacity
Battery type
Charge time
2 hours
Stand-by time
7 days
IP rating
IP68: dust and water-resistant


For anyone who is looking to get into the smartwatch space and doesn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money, the watch 2R is a very good, budget-friendly and reliable entry point. It doesn't support things like GPS, Wi-Fi, or step-counting, and may not have the best display, but for an entry-level smartwatch with a price tag of NGN 33,900, it is a very good option.


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