Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Vs Oraimo Watch 2 Plus: Which Watch is better?

Oraimo keeps improving it's smartwatch series as the wearables in general are moving forward, we compare the oraimo watch 2 plus vs the oraimo 2 pro, the 2 smartphones have many similarities but some features set them apart.

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oraimo watch 2 pro vs oraimo watch 2 plus

Oraimo has overtaken other smartwatches as the most popular in Africa. They have not only surpassed other major smartwatch manufacturers like Apple but also Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Samsung.

It is unquestionably true that Oraimo has been working extra hard every day to ensure that they manufacture smartwatches that are more innovative than its forerunners, and they recently debuted the new, potent Watch2plus.

Smartwatches are wearable computers in the shape of wristwatches. They offer additional functionalities in addition to telling time. They frequently integrate with your smartphone, displaying your incoming calls and messages, as well as some apps with extra features like weather and navigational maps.

With a smartwatch, you can access some of the stuff you could see on your smartphone without having to take out your phone. Different sensors for tracking fitness and health are another feature offered by smartwatches. A smartwatch might have functions like step counting, heart and respiratory rate monitoring, and GPS.

The Oraimo watch 2 pros and watch 2 plus are stylish and provide a wonderful user experience. The brand is trusted by over 200 million users. Let's examine the differences between their specifications and performance.

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Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Vs Oraimo Watch — Specs Comparison

Oraimo watch 2 pro

Oraimo watch 2 pro is a lightweight, fitness-oriented watch that is quite comfortable to wear.

It has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, Sleep tracking, and Bluetooth calling feature.

The Watch can be used as a shutter for your smartphone camera.

Oraimo Watch 2 plus

Oraimo Watch 2 Plus is an intriguing and reasonably priced smartwatch that is packed with tons of functions.

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It has most of the features you'd expect in a smartwatch, including a stylish design, a durable battery, a large screen, sturdy construction with IP68 certification, the ability to accept clear calls on it, health sensors, and a variety of sports modes.

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro vs Oraimo Watch 2 Plus — The Difference

The oraimo watch 2 pro has a bigger screen size (1.75'' TFT LCD) than the watch 2 plus (1.69'' TFT LCD).

Considering the sensor design, Oraimo watches 2 plus has a rectangular sensor design with 4 pins charging connector while the watch 2 pro has a triangular sensor design with 2 pins charging connector.

The oraimo watch 2 plus has 2 physical buttons for easy navigation, while the watch 2 pro comes with only one button.

In comparing the interface, the oraimo watch 2 plus has a Bolder font.

The Best Oraimo Power Banks

There is no blood pressure measurement on the oraimo watch 2 plus but a respiratory rate monitor while blood pressure measurement is possible on the oraimo watch 2 pro without a respiratory rate monitor.

The watch 2 pro is packed with up to 120 sport modes while the watch 2 plus is advertised to have just 24 sport modes.

Considering the price, we can see that the Oraimo watch 2 pro is cheaper.


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