Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Specification and Features — Buy at discounted price

Make/reply to calls and SMS, get app notifications, and set reminders all on your wrist without a smartphone in no time.

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Credit — Rick Aqua

The Oraimo Watch 2 Pro is one of Oraimo's new accessories, it's an upgrade from the renowned Oraimo Watch 2. The Oraimo Watch 2 Pro is a smartwatch that not only handles time and date telling but has its most valuable feature, the ability to make calls and reply SMS from the watch, this is game-changing in the budget smartwatch market. Other features such as health monitoring and sporting features are also available.

Specifications of the Oraimo Watch 2 pro

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Features of the Oraimo Watch 2 pro — What we know

Bluetooth Call/SMS

the Oraimo watch 2 Pro allows you to receive, respond and make calls on your wrist, and allows Android users to reply to SMS messages via the smartwatch.


another incredible feature is the notifications. It supports notifications for every Android app and 14+ important apps on iPhones. No need to check your phone at every beep when your wrist is laced with the Oraimo Watch 2 Pro.

Health Monitoring

with the Oraimo Watch 2 Pro health app your heart rate, mental state, and sleep habit are monitored and enhanced. Data visualization is acquired using AI and delicate algorithms. It doesn't matter whether you're in motion or not.

Sport modes

there are over 120 sports modes on the Oraimo Watch 2 Pro that makes working out easier. Moreover, there is no fear of sweat getting into your watch or hitting it on any surface thanks to the durability of the smartwatch.


the smartwatch helps you to set reminders for a healthy lifestyle, and alarm clocks with notes to keep you updated on daily priorities.

Brand New powerful — Powerful like never before

Brand New powerful app to interact with workout data and sleep data with new-level ease and comfortable visuals. Discover more functions and artistic watch faces to customize your watch.

All things considered, the Oraimo Watch 2 Pro is an all-encompassing smartwatch that somewhat replaces a phone in certain situations where the use of phones isn't an option.


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