Oraimo Riff 2 Review - Best Budget Oraimo Earbud?

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riff 2

Oraimo is known for having a lot of affordable gadgets, and the Oraimo Riff 2 is one of them. I have been using the Riff 2 by Oraimo for some months now and here is my complete review of the Oraimo earbud. I will share all you need to know about the product and what you should expect if you buy it. Let’s dive in and share all you need to know about the Earbud.

Oraimo Riff 2 Specs

  • Sound Drivers – 10mm
  • Bluetooth Version – 5.3
  • Bluetooth Distance – 10m
  • Earbud Design – In-Ear Style
  • Battery – 35mAh per bud, 460mAh Charging case
  • Type C charging Port
  • Build Quality – Plastic

Oraimo Riff 2 Review - All You Need to Know

Oraimo Riff 2

Our review of Oraimo Riff 2

6 / 10Review score


  • Great Battery Life
  • Impressive Call Quality
  • App Control
  • Fits in Ear Perfectly


  • No ANC
  • No Bass

Oraimo Riff 2 Sound Quality

Sound is the most critical aspect of any earbud and should be the first thing we discuss in this review. The Bud has decent sound quality at maximum volume, and it doesn’t have any distortion. I love how it fits in my ear, and the sound is balanced. Vocals are separated from instrumentals no matter the genre you are listening to and that’s great. The buds are not bass heavy like other expensive Oraimo Earbuds, and it’s because the sound leak from the buds.

You can hear everything around you, and to me, it’s an added advantage when walking by the road. They stick to my ears, and I can run with the buds without them falling. I dropped my Oraimo FreePods 4 because it stuck out of my ear and replaced it with the Riff 2. Overall the sound is fair, and if you don’t love heavy bass, this is for you.

Call Quality of the Oraimo Riff 2

Regarding call, it is average at best; because there is a sound leak, it doesn’t always give you the best. The buds have Environmental Noise cancellation, which is supposed to cancel out noise during calls in a noisy place. At best, it doesn’t perform well unless you are indoors. The call quality of the Freepods 4 is on another level compared to the Riff 2. Overall the buds are inconsistent with calls, but there are times when they sound okay.

Oraimo Riff 2 Design and Build Quality

The earbud is available in black and Nebula blue color and has a plastic finish. A transparent cover lets you see through the case, and there is Oraimo branding on the front. It has faded because I have used the earbud daily for the past month. The case has a matte finish at the back and hides smudges and stains. I love how compact the case is; it stays sturdy in my palms. It is also lightweight and won’t be a problem to carry around. You will probably forget that you have them with you if you carry them for long. There is a USB-C charging port at the bottom of the earbud, and it has a tiny LED light indicating the buds' state.

The buds are in-ear style and have a matte finish that resists stains. It has magnets for charging when it’s in the case, and an LED indicates the state of the earbud. The only glossy part is the part that comes in contact with your ear. You can use them for long hours, and there won’t be any ear fatigue. It has an IPX8 water and dust resistance rating, meaning it can survive water splashes but not completely submerged. You should avoid swimming with the buds at all costs.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Oraimo Riff 2 earbud is superb. You can get at least 6 hours of listening time which even some expensive earbuds can’t do. The case can also charge the earbuds three times when it’s low. I can use the earbuds for three days without charging them. Listening to music for 6 hours is weird, and I see no one doing that. Battery life is one of the best aspects of the earbud. If you combine the case and the buds, you will get up to 30 hours of listening time

Oraimo Riff 2 Review – Bluetooth Connectivity

The earbud uses Bluetooth 5.3, and pairing it is pretty easy. After pairing it for the first time, it takes less than a minute to pair. The latency is low, and there are times when the buds lag when you’re listening to music or playing a game. There is a unique gaming mode that improves latency and sound quality as well. Some touch controls and apps can also help you get the most out of the earbud. You can customize the touch controls using the app, but they are the same as any other buds by default.

If you download the Oraimo Sound App, you can customize some settings and check the battery life of the buds and case. You can also activate gaming mode or use the equalizer to customize your desired sound.

Rounding Up - Oraimo Riff 2 Review

If you are on a budget and need a decent earbud, then the Oraimo Riff 2 is a sure bet. It doesn’t go out of its way to become the best, but it delivers on the essential requirement of any earbud. They sound great and look good as well. It is not bass-heavy, but you will listen to any music loud and clear. I have been using it for a while now and love how it sounds. It costs ₦13,500 in Nigeria and with the promo code X6NV9IZP03E5, you get 5% off any product on the Oraimo website.


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