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oraimo boompop 2s

What should you expect from a headphone that cost just 25 dollars, maybe not good sound or build quality? But here I am with the Oraimo Boompop 2S, which costs only 23 dollars. I have been using these headphones for over a week now. Since I got it, I have charged it just once and used it to edit many short videos. I also used it to edit the video you are currently watching. I used to think the audio in my videos was clean. This headphone made me know it was crap.  I know, a $25 headphone shouldn't be glorified, and this one surely has its problems. It also has gesture controls that I have never seen on any expensive headphones.

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Oraimo BoomPop 2S Review

Oraimo Boompop 2S

Our review of Oraimo Boompop 2S

7 / 10Review score


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Great Battery Life
  • Unique Gesture Controls


  • Build Feels Cheap

Sound Quality

What most of you will care about is the sound quality of the Oraimo Boompop 2S. Let's jump right in because it is the most important aspect of any headphones. Maybe followed by comfortability and design. If you love bass I mean thumping bass then you will love this thing. Oraimo has mastered the art of thumping bass even on their most affordable audio products. The headphones sound great while listening to afrobeats songs with bass thanks to the 40mm sound drivers inside the earcups. The vocals are clear while listening to most songs, but some songs sound muffled with the instrumental. When you have them at max volume, they block out sound, and you will not hear people around you. The treble and mids are quite clear, and I am surprised at how good it sounds for the price. I created a playlist on Spotify for testing out earbuds and headphones and I was impressed with what I got. While editing videos with the headphone, i could hear all the background noise that was playing and my laptop speaker couldn't play it. The experience so far means I will constantly use it to edit my audio. I am also exploring the market for more affordable headphones to test. You can suggest any in the comment section.

Design & Build Quality

It is made out of plastic, and it feels cheap, no doubt. There is also no protective case or pouch for the headphones. I might be asking for too much if I consider I only paid $23 for the headphones. The earcups rotate at 90 degrees and it doesn't go all the way 360. You can also fold the ear cup to store the headphones in your bag. It doesn't fit in any pocket. The leather on the ear pads feels comfortable and doesn't make my ears sweat or fatigue after using it for too long. The headphones can be elastic depending on the size of your head, and opening it up also impacts the sound quality. People with big heads might also struggle to fit it in their head. Mine is big to some extent. There is a foam padding at the top but it is not thick, once you touch it you feel the plastic instantly. I have used it for hours and I don't feel any fatigue on my head. It has been a comfortable headphone, and I used it for long hours without any worries. There are some buttons on the right headphone, but I don't like the positioning. You can play pause and next songs using the buttons. The on and off switch is also located on the right side. One thing I have constantly done is forget to switch it off. It also does not switch itself off. I have lost battery life as a result of that but the headphone has never died as a result even when I left it overnight. There is also a port where you can use wire to connect to a phone or laptop. The sound quality isn't as good as using a bluetooth connection. It can also work even with the headphones off. You also get a microphone for calls on the right earcup. The design isn't all that impressive and is an aspect where you will know you didn't spend much on the headphones.

Call Quality

They sound great for calls, and you can hear the person you are talking with loud and clear. The phone has an environmental noise cancellation feature, so even in a noisy environment, you won't struggle to hear someone since it blocks out most of the noise.

Gesture Controls

The gesture controls on this headphone are unique, and I haven't seen it on any other headphones. If you know of any headphones with the gesture controls I am about to share, please let me know in the comment section. Place your finger six meters away from the right ear cup and go in and out to play or pause music. You can next sing by placing your fingers six meters away from the right earcup and moving it to the front and back. You can only follow songs you can't bring back the previous sound with this gesture. If you want to pick up a call you can use the in and out gesture while to hang up a call you use the front and back gesture. The gesture isn't easy to get used to, but if you consistently do it will stick in your head.

More Features of the Boompop 2S

The headphones charge through a USB C port, and it takes one and a half hours to charge from zero to a hundred. You can use these headphones for roughly 45 hours without charging them, and if you don't do much with a headphone, you should expect at least a week or five days.the built-in battery capacity is 500mAh I have been using it for a week now, and i only charged it once. The battery life is decent, and I dont think it will be a problem for anyone. Oraimo claims a 15-minute charge will give you 8 hours of listening time if it is low. It supports multipoint connection which means it can be connected to two devices simultaneously. I usually connect to my laptop and phone most of the time. It supports Bluetooth 5.3 and works well within 10 meters of any connected device. Pairing is fast; after the first pairing, it becomes almost instant.

Oraimo Sound App Review

The Boompop2s works seamlessly with the Oraimo sound app, which allows you to tweak the headphones' sound or even create your own. The app can also update the firmware and toggle the gesture control on or off. It can also turn on game mode and reduce latency while using the headphones. The app is also essential in case you want to update the headphones' firmware.

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Rounding Up

The Boompop 2s is a decent headphone for around 24 dollars. You can even get a little price reduction if you use the code shown on your screen right now. It has great sound and amazing gesture controls. Even though the build feels cheap, it doesn't add any fatigue to your ear while using it. That's it for this review and if you have any questions ask in the comment section.


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