Oraimo airbud 2S TWS review: all you need to know about it in 2024.

The Oraimo Airbud 2S was released in May 2022 and was said to be one of the best budget-level earphones Oraimo has to offer. It comes with some really cool features and benefits that make it a logical alternative to other high-end earphones.

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From the pricing of the Oraimo Airbud 2S to its ergonomic design, which makes it sit perfectly in your ears without causing you any discomfort, to its up to 48 hrs battery life, 40mAh battery capacity for the airbud and 400mAh battery capacity for its case, industry-leading Bluetooth technology, intuitive control ranging from volume, music, calls, and even voice assistance with the help of force sensor technology and it's 8mm NdFeB magnetic driver for deep bass, and detailed treble. It is clear to see why the Oraimo Airbud 2S is a perfect substitute for financially conscious users.

But what other game-changing characteristics does the Oraimo earbuds 2s have to offer?

Budget-friendly pricing

The oraimo airbud 2S is a well-rounded and well-balanced airbud, with many features and benefits that allow it to compete with the best of the best earphones or airpods out there. With it's V5.0 industry-leading Bluetooth technology, 8mm NdFeB driver magnetic technology also known as Neo magnet for high energy and quality sound production, and many more.

Intending to make this a budget-friendly airbud, the Oraimo Airbuds 2s is fairly priced at 32,000 Naira as of 2024 on Oraimo's online shop.

Clean design

Design-wise, the oraimo airbuds 2S flaunts a clean and moderate design, it's case is primarily made out of plastic with magnetic parts to ensure that the airbud‘s themselves don't fall out. The case as a pebble-like design which makes it very comfortable to hold or stick in your pocket, the airbud themselves have an ergonomic design that mimics the shape of the human ear, for unparalleled comfort when in use.

It also comes with extra 3 ear tips of different sizes ranging from Small, Medium, and Large, so you can switch to fit.

Colour veriety

As far as colours go, the oraimo airbuds 2s comes in a total of 6 different colours as of 2024, ranging from black, Green, White, Nebula blue and Icelake blue. I'm always a big fan of a product having multiple colours so customers can somewhat personalize the experience of using them.

Oraimo airbud 2S TWS

Our review of Oraimo airbud 2S TWS

7 / 10Review score


  • Simultaneously low-latency
  • Up to 10 minutes fast charging
  • Easy pairing
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Touch control


  • Weak bass
  • Absence of ANC
  • Average call quality

Features and specifications

Release date
May 2022
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth range
Battery capacity
40mAh (airbuds), 400mAh (case)
Battery life
Up to 48 hours
5 hours playtime, 4 hours talk time, case provides up to 3 full charges
32,000 naira
Force touch control
Black, white , green, Nebula blue and Ice lake blue
Case input
Water and sweat resistant


In a simple listed form, what exactly are the benefits you get from using this airbud?

Extra bass


What this means, is that, due to its NdFeB Neodymium Iron Boron magnet, for my science students out there, you get delivered a much powerful and punchier low-end sound.

Simultaneously low-latency

Having a Simultaneously low latency means, you don't have to rely on sound coming out of just one airduds, with the BT5.0 chip, the sound is now transmitted from one airbud to the other Simultaneously.

Easy pairing


Once the charging case is opened, airbuds will automatically enter pairing mode or connect, once the initial setup is completed.

How touch control works

  • Tap once on the right ear for next track
  • Tap once on the left ear for previous track
  • Double tap on the right ear to answer or end a call
  • Tap once on the right ear to reject a call
  • Triple tap on the right ear to activate voice assistance.


The oraimo airbuds 2S doesn't seem to have any ANC feature, but the ear tips are adjusted for easy blocking and isolation of sound. All in all, the airbuds 2S TWS is a good and budget-friendly airbud, with all its features and benefits, it is easy to see why it is priced at 32,000naira, in Nigeria as of 2024.

All these being said, the airbud 2S still doesn't provide you with the best of bass when listening to music and call quality, they are not bad, but they could be improved on.

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