OpenAI announces GPT-4o, Makes GPT-4 Free For All

chatgpt 4o announcement

The OpenAI team established the enhanced model GPT-4o. This time, this model also has the capability of responding in real time and interacting through videos. This is significant progress made in human-computer interaction using different formats such as pictures, sound or writing which makes it possible for people to communicate with computers.

GPT-4o has its most remarkable improvement as the capability of handling audio inputs for immediate responses supported by only 232 milliseconds late response. Human speech latency speed at which responses come in when in conversation is rather swift in order for GPT-4o to keep up with it as well demonstrate a huge progress over earlier versions through this quick feedback period thereby making it easier for people to talk into their computers as if they were talking with them when using online tools. Being 50% more economical using it through API also shows another notable enhancement which is its cost effectiveness compared to the other models in which non-English languages and audio visual materials are more effectively understood.

In order to help with this, OpenAI has made some functionalities that are present in GPT-4 downloadable without charge too. So, you are now able to use these characteristics like surfing the internet, getting the meaning of things using the stored information, and different software programs that can be found in GPT Store absolutely free of charge.


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