MTN Nigeria 5G Network Review and Speed Test — How fast is it?

MTN announced 5G Network in Nigeria, it is super fast.


Thanks to MTN, 5G network is now officially available in Nigeria —MTN, the largest telecoms provider in Nigeria, has launched its eagerly awaited fifth generation (5g) service with 190 coverage areas around the nation. By the end of 2022, 600 areas are anticipated to be inside the coverage area. If you don't already own a 5G device, you can preorder an MTN 5G router for N50,000, which will be made available September 15, 2022.

MTN Nigeria 5G Network Speed

Depending on the signal strength, some users have reported achieving Internet speeds of up to 1.3gbps with an MTN 5G router or a device that supports 5G — this depends on your area as Network signal varies per location.

In comparison between MTN 5G and a non 5G enabled device, there was a significant increase in speed — MTN 5G is significantly better than 4G in terms of download and upload speed.

If you live in Nigeria, there are primarily two ways to connect to 5G.

Connect to MTN 5G by using a 5G enabled mobile phone

5G-compatible devices are built with the 5G network technology, enabling them to access 5G networks where available.

Samsung and iPhone users are currently unable to immediately access the 5G network using their sim cards, MTN is attempting to integrate these devices into its network.

Nokia, Redmi, Infinix, Xiaomi, and Tecno are among the mobile brands that support MTN 5G.

Access 5G Network by using MTN NG 5G Router

The MTN 5G router is the second choice and provides unrestricted access to 5G in Nigeria for everyone. Users can purchase the device from the MTN website, and once in a 5G coverage area —they can use any device to connect to the 5G network via WiFi.

Features of MTN 5G Internet Router offers

MTN 5G internet router comes with a sim card to be registered, a charger, user guide manual and an ethernet cable. It is currently available for preorder. It is advisable that you check if you are in the coverage area before making the purchase. Click here to check if you are in the coverage location. You can make your pre order using the link below

Steps to be Taken prior to Pre Order

You need not worry if you don't have a debit card for there are various payment options to choose from.




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