Kiwi Android browser Review: Desktop extensions on mobile

Kiwi browser makes it possible to have your desktop extensions, on your android smartphone.

kiwi browser

Android ECO-system is highly competitive with apps pushing amazing features and services to the platform.

One of the latest apps that have done something spectacular in their approach is Kiwi browser, an android browser based on the chromium API.

Kiwi has managed to chip in a feature that allows you to install almost any Desktop-based computer extensions on the android browser.

What this simply means is, whatever extension you can find on the Google Chrome extension store for chrome desktop browser, you can install it on the kiwi android browser and it will work 99% flawlessly.

 Certain apps like Phantom wallet which is used for storing cryptocurrencies only has a browser-based extension.

But this extension can only be accessed on the Google Chrome desktop browser which makes phantom wallet not suitable for daily transactions, that is until kiwi browser came along.

With the emergence of kiwi browser, users of the Phantom wallet can now have unrestricted access to their phantom wallet while on the move.

With kiwi browser+chrome extensions. You can download the touchvpn from the chrome extension store, activate VPN service on kiwi browser, gain access to Twitter without having to activate a VPN service for your android device, cool right?

How to download and activate desktop extensions on the kiwi browser

Top features of Kiwi Android browser.


This feature of the kiwi browser that makes it possible to install desktop extensions on a mobile browser is something that is beyond fantastic.

Unfortunately, kiwi browser is the only mobile browser that makes these chrome extensions available on mobile. Personally, I wish other mobile browser developers will make this available for their browsers too.

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