Jina Drawer: 5 Android Launchers in One Device.

The perfect launcher that gives you access to your apps from anywhere.

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The prospect of having 5 Android launchers in one device will excite any mind, but the complexity at which it can be achived, makes it almost impossible.

Today we will will be taking you round the world of an epic app called Jina Drawer that makes it possible to have upto 5 launchers in one android device.

This is going to be a comprehensive review.

Our review of Jina Drawer

7 / 10Review score


  • Completely free
  • Accessible drawers anywhere


  • Every launcher [except the 5th launcher] icon is controlled by the same icon pack theming.

Introduction to Jina Drawer.

Jina Drawer brings a different approach to how you interact with the apps on your android device.

JDrawer has features within the app that allows you launch any app from anywhere at any time, irrespective of the ongoing activity.

JDrawer uses the familiar draw-over-other-apps process. With this permission, Jina gives you the option to use any area of the screen of your device as a trigger spot to summon a launcher.

JDrawer setup

After downloading Jina Drawer from the Google play store, when you open the app, your are prompted to start setting the app up.

You can skip through all the introductory messages then navigate to..

Features of Jina Drawer.

  • Drawer everywhere.
  • Sidebar drawer.
  • Favourite side bar.
  • Notification launcher.
  • Folder support.
  • Shortcut support.

Feature Review.

Launcher 1

Drawer Everywhere

When you open JDrawer, locate the three horizontal lines on the top left corner as shown in the image below to access the general side-menu

Scroll down to drawer hotspot. Tap on it. You will be provided with an ‘on/off’ switch to turn the drawer everywhere on. Click on it, and you will be prompted to go turn on the overlay option to allow Jina Drawer draw-over other apps.

draw over other apps
Draw over other apps

After turning on the above feature, go back to your JDrawer app, and turn on the Drawer Everywhere switch on. After which, you will notice a trigger area on the bottom of your device.

Drawer everywhere has all the apps available on your device, with the option to sort them by installation data, their package size and more.

How to configure the drawer everywhere gesture.

From the side-menu on Jina Drawer, locate Drawer hotspot.

Then follow the image above to choose the shape, size and position of the drawer everywhere hotspot.

Launcher 2

Unlike the Drawer Everywhere which has its gesture area at the bottom of the screen, the Sidebar has its gesture-spot on the left.

The sidebar also has all the apps installed on your device available on the sidebar drawer. But unlike the Drawer everywhere where you can choose the sorting order, sidebar only display apps according to name.

The sidebar can also display the installation data of each app.

Launcher 3

Favourite side bar.

Favourite side bar is located on the left, and you can add your most used apps, shortcuts and folders in this drawer.

To add apps to the favourite sidebar, long press any app icon in the drawer everywhere or sidebar, then toggle on/off the favorite option to add or remove the app from the favourite list.

Favourite sidebar launch-point is located on the right side of your screen and can be customised to appear which ever way you prefer.

Launcher 4

Notification launcher

This is the most interesting aspect of Jina Drawer to me. JDrawer allows you add apps to the notifications tray of your device for easy access.

You can add max three apps to the notifications launcher.

Added Note: Though these launchers of Jina Drawer work independently, when you apply an icon pack. The 4 launchers use the same icon pack design.

Launcher 5

Any launcher.

Also, since Jina Drawer is not your native launcher, it can work on top any launcher including nova, Niagara, Poco and other launchers. Amazing right?



  • Jina Drawer does not support floating widget.
  • Every launcher [except the 5th launcher] icon is controlled by the same icon pack theming.


  • Despite the amazing features of JDrawer, it is completely free and without ads.
  • JDrawer gives you the option to access your apps from 5 different launchers.
  • For less than 7mb of package size, Jina Drawer is the perfect access to your apps.


Something better than Jina Drawer maybe in the works, but for now. Jina Drawer is the closest launcher to perfection when you want to launch an app or shortcut.

Until the next one, do have a blessed day.


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