iPhone 16 Pro Prototype Dumps Dynamic Island for Hole-Punch Cutout

iphone 16 pro prototype dynamic island and hole punch cutout

There are already several leaks regarding the iPhone 16, even if the iPhone 15 series is still rather recent. One of the most fascinating hypotheses is that the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 16 Pro models may be replaced with a hole-punch cutout.

iphone 16 hole cutout

Presented with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Dynamic Island is a distinctive design feature that conceals the Face ID sensors and front-facing camera. It has undoubtedly been discussed, even though the evaluations have been conflicting.

Apple is reportedly testing a version of the iPhone 16 Pro without the Dynamic Island, which has a hole-punch cutout, according to tipster Majin Bu. This would be a big deal since it would mean that the pill-shaped cutout that has been a feature of most recent iPhones would be optional.

Some experts, including Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) Ross Young, think Dynamic Island will be there for at least another year. According to Young, the Dynamic Island will be included in all four iPhone 16 models, and the Pro versions' bigger displays will represent the largest modifications to the display.

young iphone display forecast

Young anticipates even bigger developments in 2025 when the screen sizes of the Pro and non-Pro devices will be equal. Accordingly, the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Pro will both have screens that measure 6.3 inches, while the iPhone 17 Plus and iPhone 17 Pro Max will have screens that measure 6.9 inches apiece.

Young also projects that in 2025, the ProMotion 120Hz display will be utilized on less costly phones for the first time and that the Dynamic Island will still be present on non-Pro devices.

Young predicts that Apple will have switched to an under-display Face ID module with a hole-punch cutout in the screen for the iPhone 17 Pro series. As there would no longer be any obvious cutouts on the screen, this would be a significant advancement in terms of design.


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