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How To Compress Photo, Keeping Its Quality and Metadata

How do you compress and resize photos without losing its metadata or exif data? Here's the best app to use.

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Do you want to reduce photo size on Android? Mobile photography is here to stay and keeps improving in sharpness, quality, and color reproduction. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) focus on their battery and front-facing cameras due to the trend in portrait photos. People prefer to snap portraits, landscapes, nature et al with their mobile devices due to their mobility, which means they don't need to carry a bag pack or dangle their DSLR on their neck which can be problematic to many.

New mobile phones tend to come with bigger megapixels and resolutions which will equate to a bigger picture size. Most devices have limited storage which can hinder our continuous clicking of the shutter button😔. When you click the shutter button the phone records some metadata about the state of the camera sensor such as aperture, ISO, focal length, and also the location of the device with the time the picture was taken. This helps to organize the picture in your folder and gallery and also when you upload it to the cloud such as "Google Photo Backup".

How do you compress these photos bumping your storage while maintaining the quality and metadata? There are a lot of apps on the Google Play Store that can execute the task but here at All Round Review, we will always discover the best for you.

Photo Puma

Photo Puma stands out in terms of result and speed. It takes little or no time for PUMA to compress or reduce photo size on your Android device. Here is an excerpt of Photo Puma's features;

Puma has three modes

Features of Puma

How to Compress a Photo with photo puma

Select a picture and mode of compression. Note: In resolutions and quality mode, lower quality will bring about a drop in quality.

Photo Puma gives you the option to compare your original and compressed version. You can choose another compression method if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Premium features (in-app purchase)

Photo Puma has an in-app purchase option for other features they tag premium that ranges from $0.99 - $23.99 per item that includes — No Ads at all, Batch compression for unlimited images, Changing output folder, Direct E-Mail support, Keeping EXIF data, and Simple integration with other apps.

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