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How To Improve Battery Life On All Android Device

Is your device draining power unusually? Get a quick fix here.

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One of the most popular issues Android device users face is the rapid battery drain irrespective of the OEM. OEMs have tried their best in solving this lingering issue for over decades and ways to improve battery life. Since Android is highly customizable most phone manufacturers tend to create their custom skins, some are battery-friendly while some are not.

Google introduced Doze mode in Android Marshmallow 6.0 to curb the regular battery drain and improve battery life in Android devices. In Doze mode, the system tends to conserve battery by restricting app access to network and CPU-intensive services. Your device will automatically enter Doze mode when it's not in use for a long period. Despite the presence of Doze mode, Android phone users are unable to get the Screen-On-Time (SOT) they want.

Battery life is still an issue after the Android 13 update and it's related to the different custom skins available to different OEMs. Some OEMs stock up their devices with bloatware and in turn, affects the battery life significantly. The best practice is to uninstall any bloatware installed by your OEM if you won't be using it.

Tips On How To Improve Battery Life:

Uninstall Battery Saving Apps

If you're guilty of using any battery-saving app is time to uninstall them, most battery-saving apps promise to save more power but this doesn't come in handy as they run their processes while taking up your RAM spaces and battery. They push random ads to your devices and use your network to send data anonymously. Most battery-saving apps have one function in common which is force-stopping opened apps and ending background processes to clear more RAM space. You don't need all these features as it's a built-in feature in Android devices and besides, it's not recommended to force stop your apps.

Use Lite Apps

It is not compulsory to use large apps if you won't be needing all the features embedded in the app. Most top apps have a lite version available in the Google Play store. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, messenger, etc have lite versions that won't eat up your mobile space while giving you a better user experience. Large apps occupy more space and RAMS, they run many processes in the background making the device drain more battery juice. Facebook and Snapchat are the most popular battery hoggers as they constantly run in the background due to their large frameworks.

Uninstall Bloatware or Stock Apps

Popular Android smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, etc have their custom skin or custom Android OS. They tend to make the skin their own by preinstalling stock apps. Xiaomi for instance comes with some bloatware such as Mi wallet, Mi health, Backup app, a Wallpaper app, Note, MI security, etc. You can uninstall or disable some of the bloatware via your phone settings.

Enable Dark Mode

According to a 2021 study by Purdue University, if you keep your OLED phone’s brightness level around 30%-50%, you can expect only around 3% to 9% of power savings. However, if your phone’s always at 100% brightness, the dark mode will save you around 39% to 47% of your battery. You will likely get similar results on OLED tablets and laptops.

The dark mode is not only meant for darker environments or indoors, it can help to save your battery irrespective of your location.

Disable NFC, Location, Mobile Data, and Hotspot when not in use

You can disable these options when you are not using the phone, you can disable them at night to save more power.

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