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How To Buy Smartphones In Nigeria Like a Pro - A Foolproof Guide

Are you looking for a new smartphone or are you looking to find an upgrade on the one that you have? Yes we've all been there. The smartphone market can be very confusing, complicated and overwhelming. Don't you worry, we've got you covered. Here's a foolproof guide on how to buy smartphones like a pro in Nigeria.

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Buying a new smartphone is not easy even for those who are experienced. Why? Well why not? The market is dynamic and always changing. The software is always changing, apps are getting heavier, prices are volatile and you soon find that what worked a month ago absolutely won't fly today. This is why it is important to learn about how to buy smartphones in Nigeria like a pro.

As earlier stated, the phone market is a living breathing beast that is always on the move towards the next best thing. If you blink, you'll absolutely miss it's next move. As a result, if you're not conversant with its ways before going out to buy phones, you'll like get scammed by sellers or advertisers or just end up wasting your money.

That is why this author has gone through the hassle of putting together a surefire guide on how to buy smartphones in Nigeria like a total pro.

How to buy smartphones in Nigeria like a pro

So let's get into the article properly. How do you buy smartphones like Pro? Well let me give you the Dos and the Dont’s.

The Dos

  • Be self aware: Look around you and you'll notice that a lot of people aren't self aware. They don't know who they, what they like, what they want etc. Developing good self awareness is always the first step.
  • Know your needs: This is very key. This author has seen people who hate taking pictures buy photocentric phones and photo lovers buy gaming phones. Why is that? Well this is because they just bought what was trending or what others were buying without checking if it fit their needs. Know your needs. Are you photo/video person who uses social media heavily or are you a gamer? Are you a casual user who only needs to make calls or use WhatsApp or are you a heavy user? You should know your needs.
  • Know phone specs: If you know what you need from a smartphone, the next question should be “what phone has what it takes to fulfill my needs?” To answer this, you should look into smartphone specifications and understand them. If you can't reach out to those who do.
  • Do phone research: when you understand phone specs and have settled on the ones that you think will fit your need, do research. Look up phones from different companies and their price ranges. Read reviews and user experience. Ensure that your needs fit within your budget and make sure you cover all bases till your satisfied with your final choice.
  • Buy your phone: When you've made your choice, boldly walk into a certified smartphone outlet and request for the smartphone of your choice. This way, no one would pull you around or attempt to manipulate you.

The Dont’s

  • Do not follow trends or what's popular
  • Do not follow marketing or advertising
  • Do not listen to shop attendants, they just want to sell
  • Do not go out and buy the very first thing you see
  • Do not buy from roadside shops. Only buy from verified outlets that offer valid warranties.


If you diligently follow these steps, or share it with those who need these steps, buying your next phone would no longer be a complicated affair. Yes, these steps require you to do some work on yourself as well as extensive. But in the long run, you'll be absolutely glad that you put in the legwork as you'll have a phone that you're happy with. For more information, do well to leave a comment. Cheers!

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