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We are in the age of grammar perfection, and thanks to the Grammarly keyboard app assistant one can now write smarter, even faster without being conscious of those annoying typos.

Just like every other keyboard, the Grammarly keyboard app is used to type, insert emojis, and of course, give the keyboard a fancy look(you can only change to a dark or light theme on Grammarly).

However, it is best known for its notable editing feature; you might not need an external editor while using the application.

The Grammarly keyboard app improves the user's grammar and corrects wrong use of tenses and spellings by popping up suggestions that would better fill in the sentence and also explains the need for correction.

It even gets better, while typing, the app displays words synonymous with the word being typed, thereby boosting your vocabulary stock.

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In-app Purchases

It is interesting to know that you can also upgrade your account to a premium Grammarly keyboard app account for an even better experience for some amount. It can be a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

Fascinating Features

How To Use


Overall, I'd say that the objective of the Grammarly keyboard app has been achieved. I enjoy its services; it's helpful, flexible, and accessible.

I most certainly recommend the Grammarly keyboard app to as many that would want to improve their grammar.


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