Google's Passkey-Supporting Titan Security Key Arrives on Google Store

google titan security nfc usb c

To defend against phishing attempts, Google released the Titan Security Key in 2018. They do, however, now offer passkeys for all Google Accounts, which is a more straightforward and secure method of logging in without a password. For safe identity verification, passkeys employ cryptography and FIDO2 credentials.

Undoubtedly, at today's Aspen Cyber Summit in New York City, Google debuted the Titan Security Key in its most recent form. It is available through the Google Store. The new Titan security keys from the corporation are now available; they can hold over 250 different passkeys. Google's current USB-A and USB-C Titan keys will be replaced with the new keys.

google titan security

You may set up a basic PIN code and generate a passkey for your Google Account using the new Titan Security Key. You may use this code to securely log into your Google Account going forward rather than a password.

Google developed firmware for the hardware chip used in the Titan Security Key construction to guarantee the key's integrity. This facilitates the process of confirming that the keys haven't been physically tampered with.

Because the keys don't need batteries or moving parts and are resistant to damage, water, and dust, they are ideal for prolonged use.

The new Titan Security Keys come with a USB-C or USB-A connector and retail for $35 or $30 in the Google Store. Additionally, all versions support NFC for connectivity with other mobile devices, including cellular phones. Furthermore, starting in 2024, 100,000 of these new security keys will be distributed globally to high-risk persons by Google and its business partners.


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