Gonemad Music Player Classic: Simplistic and rich.

Listen to every song from a quality reproduction.

gonemad music player
isaac chukwuka | All Round Review

Rich and simplistic. Two words you don’t find often in the same sentence. If I am to summarise Gonemad music player classic in one sentence it would be “Rich and simplistic”.

Gonemad music player classic is probably the most simplistic music player available on Google play (arguably). Gonemad music is so clean you can see every aspect of the player without stumbling on irrelevant clusters.

Coming from Augustro Music player, Gonemad music player classic has a 10band equalizer and some other audio tweaks labeled as “effects”, These available tweaks allow you to be a pro with how you want to listen to your music. In fact, Gonemad goes a step further by providing a feature called auto-DJ for that extra touch.


If a simple but rich in sound manipulating music player is what you want. Then Gonemad is your best bet. If this array of features isn’t enough to convince you. The fader option of Gonemad music player gives you the ability to control both auto/manual crossfade timers differently. This is really awesome, as you get to choose the fade timer for auto-crossfade without affecting the settings for manual crossfade. This is such an intelligent addition and Gonemad dev deserves a thumb’s up for this.

User Interface

The user interface of Gonemad is clean and without intrusion. Every folder is segmented to give that extra comfort when searching for a song or reaching for a folder, this keeps the ui clean and easy to navigate.


Well just like Augustro music player, the theme option of Gonemad music player is another failed attempt at ui customization. It’s just there, nothing interesting.


Embedded lyrics of a song can be seen inside the player, but unlike Augustro it doesn’t move along with the playing song. Disappointing seeing there is a chuck of wasting space on the now playing screen.

Floating widget.

Sorry. Not here. You can’t find that here. Yes, no floating widget. This saddens me and just makes it hurt. Like it or not, once you try Augustro Music player, you start seeing music players without the floating widget option as average no matter the feature they have.

Demerits of Gonemad Music player.

Merits of Gonemad music player.

Added Note:

Gonemad music player has two versions on the Google play store. One is classic and one is not. The one reviewed here is the classic, if we find any distinctive difference between the two music players. Will consider doing a review for the other.

We are working on a comparison between Gonemad music player vs Augustro music player, promises to be informative and entertaining


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