Global Top 10 Selling Smartphones In Q1 2024; Apple and Samsung Dominates

top phones in q1 2024

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max emerged as the best-selling smartphone in Q1 2024, according to Counterpoint’s report. This marks a significant achievement for Apple, as it’s the first time the iPhone 15 Pro Max has secured the top spot in a non-seasonal quarter. The trend towards premium smartphones is evident, with seven out of the top ten best-sellers being priced at $600 or above, all of which were 5G capable.

Both Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the market, each securing five positions in the top ten list. Notably, the iPhone 15 lineup, including all four variants, and the iPhone 14, were among the best-sellers. The Pro models, in particular, have become a major revenue driver for Apple, accounting for over 60% of its sales value. The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s success, despite its higher price point, underscores the strong consumer demand for advanced features.

best selling phones in q1 2024
Photo credit: Counterpoint

Top Ten Best-Selling Smartphones For Q1 2024:

  1. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
  2. Apple iPhone 15 Pro
  3. Apple iPhone 15
  4. Apple iPhone 15 Plus
  5. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
  6. Apple iPhone 14
  7. Samsung Galaxy S24
  8. Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus
  9. Samsung Galaxy A04e
  10. Samsung Galaxy A14 4G

This list reflects the current consumer preference for high-end devices, with a strong presence of 5G technology across the board. Apple’s iPhone 15 series, particularly the Pro Max model, leads the pack, while Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series and A series models also show strong sales performance. The inclusion of 4G models like the Galaxy A04e and A14 indicates there’s still a market for non-5G devices.

In as much Apple saw a lot of success the South Korean tech giant came through with their Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, which also saw significant success, with the Ultra variant ranking fifth and the base variant ninth. This success can be attributed to Samsung’s early relaunch of the series and the integration of generative AI technology.


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