Does Artificial intelligence (AI) hold a place in the future of Nigeria?

AI is a really exciting and interesting topic or sphere of work to dive into, I mean, who doesn't like the idea of an automated world where everything can be controlled by technological inventions in seamless harmony?

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According to a quick search, the number of Nigerian searches related to Artificial Intelligence and technology as a whole has risen by a 100% in 2022, which goes to show the interest of Nigerians in AI and how it can be used to solve most of the largest problems facing the country has risen over the years.

We would analyze

  1. What is AI
  2. Why AI is important to the growth of Nigeria(Benefits)
  3. The future state of AI in Nigeria

1. What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence also known as AI is a fast-growing aspect that is starting to be essential in our everyday life and influence how we interact with society and our environment ♻️, it is a whole reality on its own with the application of seemingly endless.

AI refers to the computational tools that can substitute for human intelligence in the performance of certain tasks such as Visual perception, Speech recognition, Translation between different languages, and much more.

2. Why AI is important to the growth of Nigeria

Enormous progress has been made in the pursuit of how to harness technology for the betterment of humankind, and how to make life easy and more enjoyable for all, especially for those suffering from one disability or the other.

It would be said that like any other new field of study and adventure, there is always risk and danger, but Artificial Intelligence is one adventure, one undertaking that Nigerians are willing to take without looking back.

Nigeria has had a lot of pioneers when it comes to setting the trail in the world of AI, names like Oyinlola Ogunsanya who is the founder of PictureTel, Dr. Tayo Ogunbiyi who is the founder of Ali AI, and many others.

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are almost limitless and their applications are being revolutionized almost every day, for instance

If AI is applied to the Medical industry, Fashion industry, Finance Industry, Agricultural Industry, and many others, there would be great improvements in these industries

  • Better healthcare system
  • Improved and healthier agricultural products
  • A more secure and protected internet presence
  • Better educational system
  • Accelerated infrastructural growth
  • Financial safety and stability

and a thousand and one other benefits.

3. The future state of AI in Nigeria

Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA) announced that it will establish an institute for Artificial Intelligence and Research at the University of Lagos with funding from Google (located in Abayomi street Victoria Island Lagos, Lagos State), built on the 18th of April 2001.

The National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (NCAIR) is one of NITDA’s special-purpose vehicles, created to promote research and development on emerging tech and their practical applications in the areas of Nigerian’s National interest, this was commissioned on Nov 13th, 2020.

There is even a Caltech postgraduate program in AI and machine learning in Lagos Nigeria.

So all in all, I would say, the future of AI and its contribution to Nigeria’s growth is really solid, with the future not looking as grim. Additionally the emerging growth of Nigerians in this field and our interest in harnessing the advantages of AI shows, we are off to a good start.


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