Dimensity 920 vs Snapdragon 860: All bets are closed

A smaller process node the Dimensity 920 was manufactured on (6nm), slightly better battery optimization is expected as against the Snapdragon 860 7nm.

dimensity 920 vs snapdragon 860

Personally, I was very interested in the Poco X3 pro thanks to its flagship-grade chipset (Snapdragon 860) and affordable pricing.

But due to financial constraints, I am yet to make up the funds to acquire that beauty.

While I am yet feeling sorry for the emptiness in my heart, here comes the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ with amazing features, and a capable Dimensity 920 to ice the cake.

In my spare time, I thought to myself “why not do a comparison between these chipsets to see which offers the best services”.

Bells of Dimensity 920.

The Dimensity chipset lineup is the flagship/5G ARM of MediaTek.

The Dimensity 920 specifically was launched a few months ago along with the Dimensity 810 which happens to be the chipset powering the Redmi Note 11 5G.

Technically, the Dimensity 920 was manufactured using a 6nm process and comes equipped with 5G connectivity and a capable Mali GPU to keep games running as smoothly as possible.


Highlights of the Snapdragon 860

If power and efficiency are what you desire from your device, the Snapdragon 860 has got you covered thanks to its amazing Octa-core CPU configuration, flagship-grade Adreno GPU, and energy conservating 7nm process to sweeten the package.

Spec comparison: Dimensity 920 vs Snapdragon 860


From the side-by-side spec comparison above, there are very few differences between the Dimensity 920 and the Snapdragon 860.

These differences are CPU speed (SD single-core speed of 2.96 wins), GPU maker and camera megapixels support[sd 192mp support wins]

But, judging by the smaller node process the Dimensity 920 was manufactured on [6nm], slightly better battery optimization is expected as against the Snapdragon 860 7nm.

And, the Dimensity 920 comes equipped with a 5G connectivity which is expected in today’s budget device, disappointedly, the SD860 being a 2019 chipset, lacks 5G connectivity.

Sadly, specification comparison of two or more devices can only attempt to prove how powerful a device is.But the real comparison is in the day-to-day usage.

Sighting the Redmi Note 11 pro+ [Dimensity 920] vs Poco X3 pro in this comparison [snapdragon 860], we should see numerous comparisons from both devices in the coming weeks.

Personally, I think I will be switching my attention to the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ until a better device drops or I can afford it.

But what do you think, are you in support of my newfound pursuit or should I stick to the Poco X3 pro?

Whatever message you have for me, let us know in the comment section below or tweet the team on Twitter @Allroundreview1


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